Sangram Sinha

A High-powered Guiding Light for Living Ebulliently without Constraints

Much like his work, Sangram Sinha is a captivating personality who’s made his presence felt global. Born and brought up in a suburb of Kolkata, Sangram set off on an exploratory journey so far that he has never stayed at his hometown in twenty-five years. For the past four years, he has been heading the newly formed International Business vertical of Pernod Ricard India and successfully took the brands to more than forty-five countries in a short span. In this function, he is currently managing a start-up kind of a vertical within a large affiliate of a global MNC.

The nature of his work in the past few years, coupled with his hobbies, gave Sangram the exposure to meet different people from diverse cultures. Apart from functional learnings of International Business, he considers himself fortunate to learn the art of dealing with people from around the world in varying situations. It is the skill that he perceives as his greatest experiential learning.

Living by the philosophy, “Make a friend every day,” as suggested by Late Mr. Paul Ricard, founder of the leading alcobev company Pernod Ricard, Sangram is always a free spirit on the lookout for new quests. At Pernod Ricard India, he oversees end-to-end business management for the international business vertical including pricing decisions, sourcing & manufacturing supports, supply chain, finance, taxation, licensing & trademark, RTM, commercial operations and consumer trade & marketing. This stint has granted him with enormous learning on functional skills of general management, as well as behavioral aspects of international business. He strongly relies on this wisdom as the most significant asset in his professional domain.

One challenge he encountered in this business was placing an Indian brand in the global market. Under his leadership, the team established different entry strategy for each country, designed appealing portfolios, and crafted a marketing program for every brand-market combination. Another of his challenges include scaling and liaising with multiple spokes at the same time. His approach of not just working with the market companies, but also to develop a strong internal working system with focus on speed, quality and an exploratory approach was a blessing in disguise.

Unlike many others, Sangram is extremely passionate about people. He strongly believes that the reason for any business’s existence is the betterment of people. But, sadly, many people think the purpose of human resource is wealth generation. His passion lies in learning continuously, building a successful and happy team, develop a positive work culture, empowering & training people, teaching students, mentoring professionals and in the course also to perform better, and pursue greater heights in his career. Undoubtedly, Sangram is a single package wrapped with multiple capacities.

Always on an optimistic high, Sangram identifies his strengths in his diehard attitude towards success. He believes that a people-oriented positive mind united with energy & drive is a lethal mix for success. From his event-filled life, he learned the gravity of being frank, honest, open-minded, and genuine. He explains, “This approach may not be the most suitable for every profession, but for international business, where one has to go multiple places to launch their brands, winning hearts is the best way to get an entry and staying true enables you to conquer that market!”

With Sangram as the groundbreaker of the start-up vertical, the company has also invited several national and international accolades. From Indian embassies in various countries to global business communities, the company & its brands continue to call recognitions. Most of their global awards are dedicated to the sustenance of quality and promise that their brands make to the consumers.

According to this venturesome man, three things always lead to success- Staying true, Putting others before you, and Undying hope. Sangram is also an adventure enthusiast and a certified scuba diver and paraglider.

Sangram believes that if an individual earns the privilege of representing India and the honor to hoist the Indian flag on any global platform, he should give it his all. He thinks that every Indian is responsible for upholding the nation’s pride and esteem in front of the world. Furthermore, he urges people in international business arena to help in breaking the stereotype that India is a poor, unclean, and backward nation. “Tell the world about India’s rich heritage, our true assets, and our glorious past.” He also believes that each one of us should try to earn respect as a human being by virtue of our behavior, as anyone who represents India in any forum, irrespective of the industry and size, becomes an ambassador of the nation in front of the world.

Most seemingly, Sangram Sinha is a high-powered guiding light for living ebulliently without constraints.

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