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Mr Sanjay Jain – A transformational life coach, speaker, author, adept at connecting Science and Spirituality. This ‘The Law of Attraction’ Magnate, shares about his powerful profession.

Besides being an expert in handling queries related to Business, Career, Happiness, Life, Love and Relationships, the multifaceted and multitalented personality – Mr Sanjay Jain – is a Law of Attraction Coach, EFT Coach, Certified NLP Coach, Certified Pranic Healer, and practices and teaches Crystal Healing, Vastu, Mind Power Techniques, Self- Hypnosis and Shiv-Yog. His clients comprise both men and women, as he conducts individual as well as group coaching, and is also the author of ‘Pragati Path.’ Apart from teaching his clients the ways to obtain what they desire, he also helps them in enjoying life with each passing day, through his various methods. An acclaimed master of ‘Law of Attraction’, Mr Jain is ever-ready to offer a minisession on it at absolutely no cost. He helps individuals seek self-actualization by enabling them to invest their efforts into their passion, and is thereby spreading smiles of satisfaction and success.

Owing to his insecure childhood where he was despised, and also in debt. He had a large family and 5 siblings, and Sanjay dreamt of improving his living standards. Having tried his hands literally at many professions, he was unfortunate with no success. It was then in his hard time, Sanjay became aware of ‘Mind Power’, ‘Bio-Energy Field’ and researched also practised these on himself, there was no looking back, ever since. When he came to realize that a common person like him, with a little understanding, can utilize the knowledge and power of the mind, to lead a successful life, then every person can be successful in every aspect of their life. He then was determined to share and multiply his learnings with people about this knowledge through workshops and transformed many ordinary people’s life.

Workshops that Do the Magic

One of Mr Jain’s most popular workshops is ‘See You At The Top’, which is a transformational, intensive, life-changing, entertaining, interesting, informative, enjoyable, inspiring and motivating experience. It is a unique concept and is delivered by beginning with ‘The End’ in mind. Here, this exercise signifies the beginning of the end of negative thinking, negative action, and negative reaction.

Enlightening individuals on the ways to lead their lives happily, successfully and fruitfully, Mr Jain employs real-life
examples to underscore his points. His realistic narratives create a gripping and engaging audience, there is no wonder, his workshops receive overwhelming success. Touching almost every aspect of an individual’s life, Mr Jain deals with the definition of success and the necessary ingredients required to achieve it. He dwells on the importance
of self-image, attitudes, goals, and relationships, and also prescribes the ways to enhance marital harmony. Besides, he addresses the extremely crucial aspect of prudent parenting in his workshops. In a nutshell, it is a panoramic description of attitudes, selfimage, goal-reaching, common-sense, encapsulating love too.

Mr Jain reveals the missing links between wanting success and achieving it, in his yet another popular workshop ‘Secrets of the Millionaire Mind’. He emphasizes the aspect of ‘like attracts like’. He proclaims his clients to become
multi-millionaires by employing the most powerful money management system in the world – the hidden power of the subconscious mind. Usually, in this two-day transformational workshop, Mr Jain gently and skillfully guides his clients to reprogram their subconscious minds and eliminate any negative self- esteem beliefs by learning some of the powerful tools and techniques that help them in understanding deeply about their brain and different levels of minds.

He throws light and importance on the patterns that an individual can create in his/her mind, these patterns reverberate in the universe, eventually helping them get realized for real. He also takes up the concept of ‘Law of Attraction’ with his clients and considers it a potent strategy for manifesting gigantic goals. Enabling his clients to understand the universe and its different laws, energies, and vibrations, Sanjay thereafter elaborates on the process by which thoughts and emotions create energy, and teach them to set goals in the language of the brain and utilize the Alpha level of mind through a powerful meditation.

Mr Sanjay Jain is a celebrated speaker and has a multitude of awards to his credit, some of them being ‘The Best Life Coach And Motivational Speaker’, ‘India’s Greatest Leaders 2017’, and is also the Crown Ambassador, Indian Direct Selling Industry, considered to be the most prestigious award for the safe and secure online marketing, New Delhi.

Mr. Sanjay quotes with a sparkle in his eye, ‘ When I see people’s live getter better in all aspects, that motivates and comforts me and for me that is a huge success.’ I thrive for that happiness.

Sanjay’s mission is to contribute to the world by developing 25,000 life coaches to eradicate poverty, build peace, through Mind Power, Law of Attraction, NLP and cosmic energy healing. His objective is to make everyone’s dreams
turn into reality.

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