Mr. Devang Bhatt


Mr. Devang Bhatt, a senior seasoned electronic media journalist with the most number of interviews of celebrities in regional language to his credit, shares his story.

Hailing from an educated family, and encouraging parents, Devang came to be an orator in his early years. Having interviewed over 500 Celebrities across the length and breadth of the country, Devang, today is the scion of electronic news media for over 3 decades, he has hosted and conducted more than 3000 Debates, Interviews on his popular show ‘Athithi’ on National Television.

He holds an impressive command over gujarati language and is reckoned to be featured as – ‘The journalist with the most number(470) of interviews in Regional Language in India’ very soon in a Limca Book of World Records. Devang follows 2nd only to Mr. Rajat Sharma for his show ‘Aap ki Adalat’ in Hindi positioned as 1st on National Television.

Right from his humble yet career-oriented background, his objective was to keep people abreast of the present scenario. He also was oriented to put an end to widespread antisocial activities, the prime reason he studied human nature and social justice.

Devang quotes, ‘I was never meant for the usual desk jobs, in fact, I struggled to meet and see the same
people everyday. My education in human studies played a crucial part, as I explored the possibilities of
becoming an interviewer’.

This is when he put his idea to work in Electronic Media enforcement because it would involve, fresh
content generation and new challenges for him to tackle every day. After researching the field intensely, he chose to focus on politics, social, and entertainment as my categories.

Learning from his experience, and having seen many dramatic changes in electronic media and technology, Mr. Devang shared, that it was not easy to get information from around the world, earlier. But owing to electronic media, where the world news, happenings, and information is most efficiently updated and circulated within minutes of the occurrence. Something that had always fascinated me.

With over 470 interviews, Devang has conducted ‘The Highest Celebrity Interviews, in regional language’; which is the biggest milestone in India.

Some of his prized and celebrated interviews include many prominent and eminent personalities are of
Astronaut Sunita Williams, Ghazal maestro Jagjit Singh, Bollywood top actress Madhuri Dixit, Sports persons Kapil dev, Milkha Singh, Motivational Speaker Dr. Vivek Bindra, Mr. Alfred Ford Grandson of Henry Ford, and of national media magnates like Rajat Sharma, Arnab Goswami, Ravish Kumar. Devang proves and lives by his dedication and passion, and is proud to have grown from grass root to becoming
a true media sensation, and admired journalist. He has won multiple awards and recognitions in his career, Devang strongly believes in “If anything challenges you, it can change you”.

Sharing his opinion on Print Media versus Electronic Media, Devang expressed, ‘The Advantage of electronic media is that it has overcome all the disabilities of Print media as the reach is increased and more people can be communicated through this form of media in microseconds. It has also opened the door for the latest form of media: Digital media which has paved its way through Electronic media in this industry; getting a whole new concept for the world to adapt to’. He signs off, ‘My Mission 2030 is to take my organization on an international platform where the entire world can witness our success & see us as a pioneer, esteemed, reliable media source’. Well, we wish him luck!


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