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Michelle is a Business Minded Human Resources Executive, HR Rebel, and Health Coach. She is spirited about making the world of work a happier and healthier place. Michelle is responsible for the implementation and strategic development of the Talent Management and employee wellbeing programs and plans. Michelle is a top-rated HR Professional who enjoys stretching the limits of her work to design innovative programs that increase employee engagement and company profits. She doesn’t accept the status quo in her world. She adores a challenge and gives her all to what she does.

Michelle Strasburger, CEO and Chief Strategy Officer at The Wellness Value is Michelle Strasburger. Michelle brings over 20 years of experience in innovative Human Resources Management and is trained as a health coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and The Functional Nutrition Alliance.  She has worked for Fortune 500 and small companies. Michelle holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and an MBA in Human Resources. She is also SPHR and GPHR certified. She has volunteered her time to support the HR profession, and was the Social Media Chair on the Manchester Area Human Resources Association Board. Michelle is also co-founder of the Southern New Hampshire Women’s Business Network. She has also spent several years as a guest instructor for the SPHR/PHR prep courses at Southern New Hampshire University.

She runs The HR Rebels, a group that includes progressive HR Pros. Michelle uses her IIN and Functional Nutrition Alliance education to create wellness programs that benefit organizations. These programs do not fit all and are tailored to each individual. Michelle has the vision to make work more enjoyable and healthier. Michelle recommends that you look at a few metrics when tracking your results. A benchmark measures seven specific areas related to wellness and is a great way of measuring progress. To be able to show progress, it is important to establish the metrics before you start a wellness program. Michelle is also available to assist you in this aspect of the process. Michelle believes in giving back, so she has served on the MAHRA (Manchester Area HR Association), and founded SNHWBN, a non-profit organization that allows women in business to network.

Her passion has been for human resources and health and wellness. Her vigor lies in the fact that her work can have a profound impact on people’s lives and make a difference in the world.

Michelle and her team at The Wellness Value work with companies to make the workplace a happier, healthier place. The team works with companies to create a baseline to help them understand where they are at the moment and what they can do to improve. She believes that leadership is what sets the tone for the culture. While you may talk about self-care and wellness, leaders must also work around the clock. You can also find programs such as education, stability training, or health coaching. It is important to remember that each employee is unique and not just one size fits all. Because they are helping employees on their path to good health, this helps with retention and recruitment. They connect employees with a health coach and help them to set goals. These objectives are used to create programs that fit each individual’s needs.

Michelle was in the rat race and she felt burnt out. She knows from personal experience that it caused her to lose sight of what is important. She was answering phones on her commute to work, at home, and on weekends. She was putting her family and herself last. She made the difficult decision to slow down, live more intentionally, and be more focused on her family. Michelle and her family live in northern NH, with their 3 dogs and 22 chickens. Michelle’s greatest accomplishment is being a mother of two wonderful children.

Michelle is a leader in the development of customized wellness programs. She works with managers, HR leaders, and other stakeholders. These programs are individualized and provide employees with a personalized experience. They focus on employee wellness and wellbeing rather than addressing individual issues. This approach yields tangible results for organizations. Michelle would love to meet with you to discuss how she can bring about positive changes in your company.

She believes the universe will give you everything you want and need. Michelle says, “Maybe luck and a little bit of hard work, but if you put your mind to it, you can achieve anything.” It’s been quite an educational journey. This transition was both exciting and terrifying at the same moment, but she has learned a lot as she grows her business.

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