Knockdown the Global Lockdown

Audit your strategy to recuperate back stronger amid this new era of post Covid-19 Contactless Economy

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The nation-wide lockdown to curb the spread of coronavirus pandemic has restricted 1.3 billion people of India in their homes, and the reflection of this lockdown can be seen across all sectors & in all domains and there is no other strategy but to accept, adapt chance & design a new strategy to move ahead in this resilient times.

This world is changing significantly & fast and so do the ways of marketing and hence the marketers need to understand and navigate the new landscape.

The UN’s trade and development agency has predicted a hit of $1 trillion to the global economy from the COVID-19 pandemic. India’s GDP growth for the current fiscal is now predicted at 2.5%. And as the lockdown grinds the economy to a halt, we hear of businesses sending their workforce on leave without pay, of pay cuts, and of job losses.

One big trend that all segments of society are navigating to is working remotely.

The unprecedented situation that COVID 19 has created worldwide has baffled most business owners. Nobody is sure how long it would be and what repercussions it would bring at the end. Let us pledge to break the monotony, amidst this pandemic, allow business to adapt to this change, accept new challenges, create a new new ecosystem to revive & survive for being recognised in this new era of post Covid-19 Contactless Economy.

It is time to engage with audiences, share your story of Impact, and construct a positive, resilient go-to strategy for business. Coronavirus is an unprecedented public health crisis that is quickly becoming an unprecedented economic crisis. With the country on an indefinite lockdown we’re all going to need to figure out how to do business in difficult and unfamiliar circumstances.

Right now, business owners are focused on looking after their people, communicating with their customers and working out how to access government support. But with no end date for the lockdown, one thing is clear: This is not a short, sharp, shock. We can’t just wait this out.

To survive, businesses will need to adapt. They’ll need to find new ways to operate, new ways to offer value and new ways to find, engage and sell to their customers.

Demand is going to rebound, and you want to make sure you’re ahead of the competition when it does.Now is the time to audit your strategy and ensure you have the foundation in place to find and engage your target audience during and after this crisis.

If you don’t have a content marketing strategy, write one during the lockdown. If you do, give it a thorough audit.

Stay healthy, stay positive and keep going

Noting in life is permanent; COVID-19 is creating challenges for businesses all over the world. But remember that this situation is temporary. What’s the most important thing now is to stick together – from a distance – and ensure you’re providing value proposition to your audience.

Stay healthy, stay positive and keep your marketing efforts going, even if that means making adjustments to your strategy.

The unfortunate truth is that a self-imposed lockdown won’t be possible for everyone. Many of us can’t simply zoom into work meetings and hunch over their laptops in bed. But your decision to just stay at home if you can helps them out. “People who can’t work from home are being protected by the people who are working from home, since the work-from-home people help prevents themselves from becoming infected and taking an ICU bed that those other people need.”

Most industries are expected to suffer a serious slowdown because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Some however – like airlines, logistics, hospitality and others – are suffering from an existential crisis. In my views it’s not going to be easy but at the same point of time it’s very important for us to stay calm, positive & healthy. It’s the time to active those grey cells to Kick-start and connect with like-minded professionals.

It’s the time to involve with fellow humans in these tough times, share your views adapt changing your business with the Best Business Practices to

“Knockdown the Global Lockdown”

Come let’s pledge to help the world to recover with efforts in solidarity, business resilience and temerity, appealing the stakeholders to connect, react and attack COVID19.

Let’s fight Back!




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