Enolia Foti

Empowering Modern Lives with Ancient Wisdom

The enigmatic Enolia Foti is a Life Coach, Shaman, Speaker, and Author. But in this world of super achievers, what sets Enolia apart is her rare and unique journey – for she has traveled the world to study with the indigenous elders Ojibwa and Lakota of North America, the Waitaha of New Zealand, the Mapuche of Chile and the Luhya of Kenya, to name a few. She is a proud graduate of the ‘Four Winds Light Body School’ where she received the 13 Rites of the Munay-ki from the Q’eros Indians of Peru.

This ancient wisdom has led Enolia to walk the path set before her as a teacher, counsel, and healer, empowering others to reach their goals.​ “With a blend of life experience, indigenous wisdom, and corporate as my foundation, I bring forward programs for personal development that establish a strong foundation that allows alignment to occur in a person’s life no matter what they are building. My books, journals, and online masterclasses, workshops, and retreats – all bring forward the betterment of self,” she shares.

Hailing from Angola, Africa, Enolia completed her Bachelor of Science from the prestigious University of Massachusetts Amherst, followed by an MBA from the Regis University (Summa Cum Laude). Her 20+ years of navigating the dynamics of the corporate world fortified her with leadership development, performance excellence, and empowerment coaching.

However, everything changed when her mother passed away when Enolia was just 30. “Unexpectedly, hundreds of people attended the funeral. In paying respect, countless people shared the kind acts or services my mother had done, that shifted their lives or changed how they viewed life and its challenges. It was at this moment that I truly understood how I chose to conduct my life. That if I could impact someone’s life through the kindness of my heart as my mother did, then life was significant at every moment. This became my passion and remains the driving force of my life every day,” she tells us.

Enolia harmonized corporate experience with ancient practices as a natural orator to emerge as a modern-day Medicine Woman and Global Empowerment Leader. Today, she helps entrepreneurs, global influencers, and high-profile leaders, transform their lives and unleash their full potential without risking their professional image or legacy through Conscious Transformation & Soul Activation Coaching.

As a successful social entrepreneur and the Founder of Enolia, LLC., Enolia finds inspiration in the many individuals who have come forward to share how their life has shifted for the best after going through her programs. “That the method (Empower Achieve Succeed Through Self-Mastery) by which they learned from my methodology works. This means that my work is assisting individuals appropriately,” she opines.

That remains in no doubt if you only consider the accolades she has received on the international stage, some of which include:

  • Women’s Economic Forum, Angola Country Chair G100 Oneness & Wisdom, ALL Ladies League, and co-founder and Spiritual Elder for Native Nations Festival held annually in New York.
  • Author of ENOLIA: Finding My Sovereign Voice With My Grandmother Elder, a self-help memoir with her workbook Discover Your Sovereign Self Journal.
  • Written works for magazines like Brainz Magazine, The Magic Happens, and Thrive Global.
  • Appointed ‘Global Director
    – He & She Champions, Mauritius, in 2022
  • Speaker Award at 3rd World Parliament on Spirituality – Africa 2021.
  • Advisor to Board of Directors at Whole Earth Engineering, Inc., 2020 and Spectrum In Motion Dance Theatre Ensemble
  • Our Global Mantra – UNESCO Designated, 2022

Not one to fall back on her laurels, Enolia is quick to point out that challenges precede all success. “The challenge faced in my business is getting my message out ensuring it is heard appropriately by different cultures with its inspiration and engaging intent. Establishing work that motivates, lifts, and invites inclusivity is most important. Navigating through one’s industry to be valued also takes hard work. I welcome these challenges and move forward knowing that those who are attracted to the work I do, reap the greatest benefit,” she states.

A celebrated global women’s leader, what is Enolia’s secret to good leadership? She tells us, “Many believe that leadership is the act of sitting on stage where you are escalated ‘above’ everyone else to execute your role. I believe a true leader can lead and follow compassionately while sitting in a circle – To lead from this position is to respect, listen, learn and move through all situations compassionately. When others are seen, heard, and listened to, they will follow because they know the leader has respect for the value they bring as an individual.”

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