Dr. Siddharth Kishore Gaur 

Reaching the pinnacle of success by transforming people from ‘Worriers to Warriors’.

His is a classic success story – after facing failures at various junctures during the initial phase of his life, Dr. Siddharth Kishore Gaur persevered till he landed a job at a top IT company, and the rest, as they say, is history. While his winsome journey is an inspiration for many, he truly stands out for not only beating all the odds, but having the courage to let go of the high-powered success, to instead follow a righteous path of development for self and society.

Siddharth’s last held corporate position was the Digital Transformation Head at Oracle, yet today, he is transforming lives through his company ‘Simplify Success’, by educating, empowering and inspiring individuals to become the best version of themselves. As an award-winning International Speaker, he’s on a mission to create ‘One Million World-Class Public Speakers Globally.’

Recalling his journey, he shares, “Many times in life, we start believing that there is no light at the end of the tunnel.  After completing my Masters of Science (MS) from a reputed institute in the US, I returned to India to pursue Civil Services but could not succeed despite of rigorous efforts. I even floated a start-up, with a view to promote low-cost innovative medical devices in India, but I had to cease the operations as I could not sustain, because of the high costs of promoting such new products, through various marketing channels. I therefore had two choices – either to accept my fate, give-up, probably lead a mediocre life, or to do something to overcome the situation. I started taking corrective actions by upskilling myself.”

After a leadership career in Customer Success, Business Innovation and Digital Transformation, Siddharth naturally gravitated towards his inherent calling. “Do you know which is the richest place on this planet? It is the grave, as many of us shall die with so much knowledge, wisdom and experience. I strongly believe that when you learn something significant, you have a responsibility to share it with the world,” he opines.

This very thought was the inception of Simplify Success, which focuses on equipping people with the top skills of the 21st Century that can help them break free from the shackles of mediocrity, to become a personal brand to reckon with, and to build and live the life of their dreams.

The self-awareness also brought Siddharth’s innate orator to the fore. He has been an excellent speaker since his childhood, thanks in part to his parents Dr. Kishore Gaur and Mrs. Bharathi Gaur who encouraged him to participate in debates, elocutions, and skits. “I am blessed to have amazing parents, who always held my hand tightly during tough times and reassured me that I have a beautiful future ahead.”

Unfortunately, he was bullied both physically and mentally during school and college, which made him underutilize his greatest strength. “I did not want anyone to go through the same trauma for not ‘Speaking up’. Thus, I have been working in the area of personal growth and human development for the past 4 years,” he says.

Siddharth’s focused work in the field of Public Speaking and Communication has seen bestowed with innumerous honors: Selected in the Top 100 Speakers in India (from more than 40K applicants) in Super Speakers 2021 – The Ultimate Quest for India’s next Best Motivational Speaker organized by Success Gyan; Winner, Ideas 2 Serve – Business Plan Competition, USA; First runner-up, Digital Storytelling Championship 2021 – MS Talks India; Participant of Inspirithon 2021 – 250 Stories to Inspire India – Accredited by Asia and India Book of Records and several others.

Multifaceted and enthralling, Siddharth is also a TEDx Speaker, International Keynote Speaker, National Level Chess Player, National Level Swimmer, and Taekwondo Black Belt Holder.

A firm advocate of hard work over luck, Siddharth begins sharpening his skills at 5 am every morning, while the world is yet to awake and catch up. “We were all born as lions – born to rule. Lions are not the biggest, fastest or strongest animals, yet they rule the jungle because they are courageous. When we realize that we deserve better than what we have and embark upon our self-development journey, we start transforming into the lion and break the shambles of mediocrity.”

Siddharth is an emerging force in the global community, and he takes great pride in creating leaders for the future: “Life is like running a marathon. When we start something new, we are full of vigor until we get stuck in a state called as the ‘Dark Swamp of Despair’. The real problem here is our ‘perception’ of adversity. If we can only look at the adversity differently, we can turn it to our advantage,” suggests Siddharth with unflinching faith.

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