Caroline Purvey

Global Wellbeing Ambassador

Voted as one of London’s Top 10 Women to Watch in Wellbeing – Caroline Purvey is a Globally impactful Transformational Leader for somatic stress and trauma healing. As Founder of the leading firm – TRE UK® (which stands for the revolutionary Total Release Experience Programme), she has also been the proud recipient of the Brand Builders Awards for being the most Impactful Brand Builder and Global Changemaker. In addition, Caroline is a No.1 bestselling author of ‘Feel It To Heal It’. 

Speaking to us about her experiential journey, she says, “My wealth of experience and expertise has come through my experiential learning. I have been blessed to observe thousands of clients for over a decade as they have gone through my unique program. All are empowered to release tension from deep in their bodies, and in so doing, profoundly heal from physical, mental and emotional pain caused by past stress and trauma. Because everyone is unique so is their history and the body releases in profoundly different ways. I have witnessed incredible healing on many different levels. I will never stop learning and discovering and as such have witnessed what no one ever has or will.”

Following years of being in business, Caroline changed her career to teaching in schools. During the same period, she trained in holistic therapies and qualified as a yoga teacher. Post teaching, she opened her own Well-being/Yoga Studio. This coincided with a practice she had learned in South Africa for trauma prevention. She then returned to the UK with a vision and a mission and started to work with clients willing to trust her and learn something new. This is when she realised she had found her life purpose!

Finally, in 2012, she founded TRE UK® – a service platform for clients to discover the profound benefits of the Total Release Experience® Programme, an empowering self-help physical practice to release symptoms of stress, anxiety, overwhelm, and trauma, including PTSD. A life tool for all ages, it requires no talking, touching or meditation. Today, her programme has found resonance across the world and is being acclaimed internationally. A great leadership tool and team building programme, it is also being adopted by organisations such as the Fire, Police and Prison Services. 

Humbly proud of transforming lives, Caroline tells us what inspires her to constantly evolve. “My inspiration comes from a client for whom the practice prevented Parkinson’s disease from taking over his life. Now, my desires and goals are to have my work adopted globally in schools, universities and colleges so the young do not carry their childhood traumas into their adult life. To engage organisations and those in the service sector to have a cost-effective sustainable solution that unites their teams to take responsibility for their wellbeing. Connect with more prisons knowing how it empowers inmates to let go of their addictions and anger. To create a happier, peaceful world in which all can live,” she sums up.

A tiger in the rat race, Caroline stands tall when it comes to competing globally with thousands offering well-being and health services. A strong public speaker and an author, her effect is beyond question. “I am confident about what I share and can speak with authority. The rat race is not for me, ironically, I support and work with many clients burnt out from being in one for years!” she reveals. 

How does Caroline prevent burn out and face challenges, we ask her. “Facing my challenges has made me stronger. The biggest came soon after completing training – on my own in the UK, with no support network, I had to choose to step up or give up. I did the former and never looked back. I feel blessed that I created my own luck and made the right choices. I prevent burnout by doing the practice I teach. There have been times when nothing short of hard work was needed to get through, but a solid foundation for something amazing has now been laid,” she states. 

Pioneering something so new to people’s thinking and having clients follow and stay in touch is key for they encourage others to follow. In that regard, not only is Caroline a leader, but also a leadership creator. “Many are inspired to train with me and that is the next step. I am confident that from them, the right leaders will arise,” she opines.

A well of wisdom, we ask her to leave us with a few wise words: “Every one of you is unique and special with gifts to share with the world. Often never discovered because of lack of confidence, low self-esteem, or limiting beliefs, which sometimes stem from childhood experiences. In a changing world, everyone needs to step up and be open to the choices in front of them, and to take responsibility not just for the climate and environment, but for health too.”

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