Brett Robbo Robinson

The Enigma behind the Globally sought after Peak Performance Coach

In a world where everyone is chasing after the grandeur of success, understanding its true meaning, and discerning one’s internal purpose has become essential for humankind.

Brett Robinson, better known as Brett ‘Robbo’, is a passionate high performance and business coach who advocates physical and mental wellbeing as the critical pathways to holistically achieving success. A former elite sprinter at the Australian Institute of Sport, Brett is a seasoned sportsperson. He garnered global acclaim when he started coaching business owners and leaders, in addition to top athletes, to create high-performance results and abundance in both their professional and personal lives. He helps people tap into the emotions, fears and vulnerabilities that sheds light on the strengths and weaknesses in conjunction with their professional goals.

“Most business owners and leaders come to me when they’re already successful and looking for the extra edge but aren’t clear on how to achieve it without the associated stress and burnout,” reveals Brett.

Brett has worked with top athletes and sporting teams worldwide as both a soft tissue therapist and high-performance coach. He’s unlikely to tell you himself, but Brett was named Australian Paralympic athletics coach of the year 2018.

“I’m addicted to deciphering human behaviour. As a coach and therapist in High-Performance Sport, I gravitated towards human performance; and now, I’m addicted to human behaviour because I understand how this drives human performance. Working with Paralympic athletes gave me a deeper understanding about mental resilience and perspective than any courses or workshops could ever provide,” says Brett.

With an innate ability to decode emotions and understand the intricacies of human psychology, Brett has managed to work with some of the world’s best professional coaches, psychologists, and mentors. Brett has over a decade of experience in coaching the world’s best athletes, successful leaders, and business owners. Given his background, Brett has created scientifically proven systems and personalized processes to suit each person’s goals and visions. Easy to comprehend and implement, these strategies have proven to maximize results in minimal time, in both personal and professional areas of life.

Today, Brett runs his own company as a globally recognized Business, Health and Performance Coach, in which he helps leaders, entrepreneurs, and sportspeople get the competitive advantage to reach the next level of success with confidence and abundance, as opposed to with stress and burnout. He creates unbreakable mindsets, empowering ‘inner tool belts’ plus clarity and conviction of who you are at your best through world-class coaching, accountability, and support.

“There’s nothing more gratifying for me as a coach than to help a client break through mental barriers they didn’t even know existed, seeing the ripple effect into their personal lives, plus their business or career skyrocket at the same time!” says Brett.

Coach to Paralympic and world champions in 2016 and 2017; he was Sportsperson of the year every year he was in High School. With an impeccable track record, Brett was recently recognized by the NYC journal as one of the ‘Top 30 coaches to look out for in 2021’. His podcast, ‘Your Life of Impact’ too, was recognized as one of Australia’s ‘New and Noteworthy’ to look out for when it was launched.

However, this abundance of talent, empathy and passion originates from a painful narrative. Nevertheless, it’s the same pain that transformed into Brett’s strength and has helped him create an impact on society.

“My grandparents meant the world to me. They taught me the most valuable life lessons, and they were my home. Unfortunately, in December 2014, their son murdered them in their own house. Being young and vulnerable, I went through a roller coaster of emotions. I was shattered and benumbed by the sudden loss of the most influential people in my life.

Later, I tried to gather courage and pull myself together through professional support. Consequently, I was introduced to powerful techniques that helped me rebuild my mindset and empower my ‘inner tool belt.’ This developed my interest in human behaviour, which became a legit passion. Subsequently, I combined it with my years of coaching some of the world’s best athletes’, to create my current successful coaching programs for business owners and leaders. Every day I anchor into the belief that I am here to enhance and optimize my grandparents’ legacy through profoundly impacting the lives of hundreds of thousands of genuine human souls.”

Brett carries his passion and optimism to his personal life with an equal amount of vigour. He is a proud father of two beautiful children and a genuinely affectionate husband who’s madly in love with his wife. When asked about his perspective on inspiration, Brett expressed, “An attitude of gratitude! I’m inspired by driven people who have a hunger for unravelling the true meaning of success and value their wellbeing to reach the pinnacle in their professional lives.”

Brett believes that you create your luck through disciplined focus and deliberate practice on mastering your craft. But what about challenges faced? “My early business challenges were that I went into business in my 20s with the sole focus to make money. The businesses weren’t aligned with my values, and I had no vision or mission… Those businesses weren’t successful or fulfilling. On the other hand, recent challenges mostly come from “keeping up” with technology and aligning my business growth opportunities from a place of expansion and alignment. Not saying yes just because the opportunities arise.”

In such a scenario, Brett measures his success through the ripple effect of his clients’ results. When they commit to the processes and create paradigm shifts, their health and relationships thrive, their staff become more empowered and impactful, and their business or careers skyrocket – with an aligned purpose to give back to the community or charities.

“I believe in ‘Sustainable Success,’” proclaims Brett, as he goes on to explain, “Operating in the rat race, experiencing high levels of stress and burnout is not sustainable. I use neuroscience-backed strategies to ensure it’s not only possible to get the competitive edge without the anxiety and overwhelm, but it’s also highly probable when you follow the proven systems and processes.

A ‘Kingmaker’ in literal terms, Brett believes in Influential Leadership: To bring out the best in others and create a team of leaders. “I believe every human being is a leader in their own right. I truly believe we’re all born as influential, impactful, inspirational, genuine souls. When we commit to the process of consistently aligning with this version of ourselves, we thrive in all areas of our life. Success and fulfillment will coincide if all leaders create environments that influence their people to bring out their genuine best selves. I love Tony Robbin’s quote, ‘Success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure,’” says the unstoppable Brett ‘Robbo’ Robinson.

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