Mofoluwaso Ilevbare

HR Thought Leader, Executive Leadership & Career Coach, and a Female Empowerment Champion

A sum total of three near-death experiences in a space of six years would have shaken lesser mortals. But not Mofoluwaso Ilevbare, who not only survived, but thrived with courage and conviction.

A leading Executive Leadership & Career Coach today, Mofoluwaso amalgamated her life experiences to support women professionals, leaders, and organisations, reposition for the future of work, by creating a strategy that helps them do work they love and design a joyful life.

She is a highly sought after HR Leader, John Maxwell certified coach, keynote speaker, author, and gender diversity consultant. She does this through her daily work and coaching offerings @ www., mentoring at www.trailblazerfemme. com, as well as consulting for organizations.

“Some of the biggest challenges I have faced in my 20+ career journey include gender discrimination that undermines your competence, corporate bullying, work-family conflict, sexual harassment, and other subtle forms of harassment. This is why I am passionate about confidence coaching for working women and adding my voice to the cause for gender-balanced boardrooms,” says Mofoluwaso.

As the youngest of four sisters in a patriarchal society in Nigeria, Mofoluwaso could discern the privileges the boy-child seemed to have as compared to girls. “I could feel the injustice and societal expectations levied on women and girls from a very young age. I was privileged to have parents who loved, educated, and empowered my sisters and me, but I grew up with many who did not have such opportunities,” she shares.

Mofoluwaso has a Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy and an MBA in Management. She is also currently a Doctoral Research student at Walden University, specialising in Human Resources Management, with a keen interest in Leadership, Employee Engagement and DEI.

It was her calling at the age of five that ultimately defined her destiny. When Mofoluwaso turned five, she got her own radio show on the only national radio station in Nigeria at that time. Every Thursday after school, she would sit in the studio tucked up in a chair with cushions so her mouth could reach the height of the microphone. She would share stories with children with a morale to it, just like an Aesop tale. Many of these stories were made up based on whatever events happened at school or at home the previous week. The 30-minute sessions always ended with a life lesson and a sing-along song her mother would make up on the spot.

Speaking about the impact of the show, she says, “For three years, I shaped the minds of kids listening in on the show. When I look back over my life, I see the pattern repeat itself over and over again in every facet of my career and life. My passion for helping other individuals reach new potential, develop themselves, and achieve gigantic goals, has taken me to global stages where I have coached, mentored, or trained more than 20,000 people from over 40 countries. That passion still drives me today to continue to be a catalyst for change and transformation wherever I am.”

Her Female Empowerment dream is to see every girl and woman become FREE to dream, FREE to rise up and be whoever they want to be, and EMPOWERED in all dimensions of life to support their families and communities. When you educate a girl, you build a nation. A wealthy and influential woman creates a wealthy community and empowered future. Mofoluwaso is always looking for brand partners, volunteers, and collaborators to bring this dream to life.

Already on her way to achieving her goal, Mofoluwaso is a globally recognized HR Leader and the Co-Founder of Trailblazer Femme, an Executive Hub advancing career women of African descent.

How did she face the challenges in her journey, we ask her. “I believe we all go through unexpected turns in our lives. What we do with what we have is what determines the QUALITY of the life we live today and tomorrow. Embrace the mirror! Take a good look every morning to see who you are becoming. If you like the vision you see, keep moving, one step at a time. If you don’t like what you see, find the courage and support to change the course of your life,” she states.

Mofoluwaso feels the greatest battle for your freedom is fought in the MIND every morning we wake up. No baby was born with the title ‘Olympian’ written on the forehead. We are shaped everyday by the habits and choices we make, the influence of the people we spend time with, and the environment we live in.

Strong and dynamic, Mofoluwaso has inspired and shaped the lives of many. According to her, what are the qualities that make a good leader? She answers, “My coach, John Maxwell, once said – ‘If you’re leading and no one is following, you are simply taking a walk’. A good leader leads from a place of strong values, commitment and love, and develops others to their highest potential whether as a follower or leader.”

Mofoluwaso’s wisdom comes from 20+ years of a multicultural – multi-country experience, having lived and worked across Europe, US, India, Middle East, Australia, and Africa. The lessons she learnt from different mentors, colleagues, sponsors, friends and family have gone a long way in charting her career. Speaking about what makes a successful career, she says, “Having a clear vision is a prerequisite to a successful career. It is the ability to think and plan your future with imagination and wisdom. Many times this comes with loads of advice and some courageous moves even when you don’t have it all worked out. But your career is a lifelong commitment which is why the goal should be aimed at designing a fulfilling life first, then building your career around it, not the other way round or just taking anything that has 7 figures attached to it.”

Mofoluwaso’s illustrious career has seen her bestowed with many honours. She is a Forbes HR Council Member, and has been recognised as one of the Global Top 100 HR Leaders, Top Global 501 Inspiring HR Leaders, Top 100 Leading Ladies Africa, Top 100 Career Women Nigeria, Pride of Africa Woman, and once received a commendation letter from State of Georgia for her work with empowering women. Mofoluwaso is a Chartered Management Consultant and Org Culture Transformation Consultant, with several certifications.

In addition, she is a multiaward winning author with over 20 published books including the Confidence Journal for Career Women (2017), Girl Courageous (2018), and Living Boldly (2021). She has also co-authored several Amazon Bestsellers with Brian Tracy, Olympian Annette Lynch, and Trailblazer Femme. However what we love best is her quote she lives by – ‘It always seems impossible until someone becomes unstoppable. Let that someone be you!’

As a philanthropist, Mofoluwaso is committed to supporting the UN SDG #5 and #8 through her coaching and consulting work as well as through her non-profit organisation focused on women leadership and girls empowerment (Women Connected By Purpose / Girl Courageous).

At heart, Mofoluwaso is a simple, homely, God-loving wife and mother of two. But when she steps out in the world, Mofoluwaso Ilevbare is a paragon of hope for thousands of women across the globe.

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