Ash Playsted

Pioneer of Mindset Transformation

Ash Playsted has earned the nickname ‘The Dragonslayer’ for having the rare ability to see your ‘inner dragons’. One of the world’s leading Peak Performance and Mindset Transformation Coaches, Ash has established his company – ‘The MindsetFit Method’, responsible for delivering a Bullet-proof Mindset and transforming you from a struggling hopeful to a focused success machine. Following ‘The Method’, you can expect to experience growth as well as a dramatic increase in the accuracy of your decision making and personal performance within 30-60 days (and that is just the start!).

How did Ash reach the pinnacle of his present success? Sharing his journey, Ash recalls, “I spent 14 years in corporate finance before diving headlong into entrepreneurship in 1997. It was tough early on as my wife and I were going through IVF.. trying to start a family at the same time as I was trying to build my first business. Many lessons were learnt in business and life and after 19 attempts at IVF, we were blessed with a son.. later on we also adopted a little girl into our family. Since then, I have started, built and exited multiple businesses. During this period I have come up against every possible challenge you can imagine, and as a result I have had to try everything in my efforts to find out what works and what doesn’t. These challenges have taught and given me so much to be grateful for. Now it is my turn to give back, to make as much impact in the world as I can.”

Ash’s journey into trading also commenced at about the same time, i.e. mid 1998. “Like so many others, I too was drawn to the promise of independence, financial opportunity and lifestyle that trading can provide. I invested in education and knowledge and soon started building a plan based on those teachings. After some initial success I began to feel as though ‘I had this thing figured out’. How wrong that thinking proved to be! As a lover of numbers and an avid student of human nature I probably should have known what to expect.. but alas, as it does for 98% of the people who try trading for a living, things blew up in my face.. and for the life of me I could not understand why. I had done all the things I was taught and instructed to do – invest in knowledge, find a popular well and regarded guru, learn his/her system and then adapt it into my own trading method, get some capital behind me, and voila.

all the money and lifestyle I had imagined would arrive. However, it was not to be. Despite my very best efforts my ‘Truth Meter’ a.k.a. my trading account was telling me clearly that it was not working. That could’ve been the end of the story, like it is for so many.. fortunately, at my lowest point, I was encouraged by my father to try some new age thing called ‘mindfulness’… the inner journey. Maybe there would be some answers there?”

Thus began Ash’s true journey into where the ‘secrets’ of trading were waiting to be discovered… his own mind! What he discovered absolutely blew his mind: “Everything that had previously led to success in my life I then brought to the table utterly of the belief would also help me succeed at trading were the very things that were holding me back and draining my account.”

In no time, Ash had a turnaround. His love of numbers, his ability at deducing what makes people tick, and then helping them become the best they can be, helped him create significant positive impact in all his business ventures too. “My core mission is to positively impact and help people to be the best version of themselves so they too can have a positive impact in their own personal and workplace communities. In this way, I can exponentially have a much larger positive impact in the world. I consider myself a specialist practitioner of brain and mind sciences and I use these skills to teach leaders/people to take control of their mind so they can take control of their lives,” decodes Ash.

He has created a unique system called ‘Mindset Reflexology’ that completely transforms people’s conscious and subconscious minds once and for all. In time, they learn how to create a winning partnership between their emotional (subconscious) and rational (conscious) minds. “Knowing I am helping people and having a positive impact in their lives is where my passion comes from, I don’t consider it work, I consider it my calling,” adds Ash.

Ash’s strength lies in his ability to see deeply into the heart and soul of people. To truly hear them and get them. Everybody wants and needs to be understood in this world of fake news where much of society seems to be suffering from an ‘addiction to distraction’. People desperately need hope and something solid, honest and real to believe in. Ash gives them that.

“My biggest weakness on the other hand has been trying to do everything myself and that can be a massive trap for so many people… the biggest lesson for me was to put my hand up and ask for help. Nowadays I don’t hesitate to get help from people that are smarter and more capable in certain areas than me” he reveals.

This lesson also helped him reach the fine balance between home and work. When he first went into entrepreneurship, Ash made a vow to himself to always keep family and health at the center of his life: “Family has always been the North Star in my life so it was very natural for me to pursue business opportunities that helped (not hindered) my belief in family first. Every decision and choice I make is always referenced against this North Star… will it help or hinder my vision of building a happy and fulfilled life and business.”

Based in Australia, Ash’s core belief has always been to build businesses that work ‘with or without him’. He feels his greatest reward is, and will always be, measured by the impact, growth and success of the people around him. Indeed, in 2021 he was recognized as one of ‘Linked IN’s 50 Most Impactful Global Leaders’. In the past, his businesses have received multiple awards for customer service and leadership. “And on a personal level, I have trained for and run several marathons and brought up two beautiful children; being a good father will always be my most important role and achievement,” he says.

A true leader and coach, we cannot let Ash leave without a few words for his followers. “My cornerstone philosophy is that mastery of self-precedes mastery of anything else. I recommend establishing and maintaining the simple practicing of Gratitude, Empathy and Mindfulness every day. In doing so, you are training your mind/brain to seek out positivity and opportunity, and ultimately excel,” suggests master Ash.

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