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Born and nurtured in Uttarakhand, Arushi encapsulated the artistic gene from her parents, who come from literature and arts background. Her determination and perseverance come from the hours she spent with her mother, who has been a teacher by profession.

Additionally, her father’s devotion to work has strongly influenced her to achieve her goals until now. In the words of Arushi’s father, “”Jis shan ka upyog na kiya Jaye vo shan vyarth hojata hai”, which means that a moment wasted is a moment gone out of existence.

Along with her B-town glitz, Arushi is a Ted X Speaker and holds a solid academic background with a Bachelor of Arts (Political science honours in Philosophy) from Banasthali Vidyapeeth, Rajasthan, an MBA (Human Resource Management) from IMS University, Dehradun, an International Business Diploma (University of Cambridge) at international centre Toronto, Canada. Apparently, she is pursuing PhD in Human Resource Management, Uttarakhand Technical University, Dehradun.

With a prolific career as a Kathak exponent, Arushi trailed back to her school days where her urge to be a part of the school dance group was too strong. Her journey of giving performances in more than 15 countries at 17 symbolizes her passion for art.

Once, Arushi received self-esteem crushing comment from her teacher as she was rejected from being a part of the team due to her overweight. Since then, she fled on the expedition to chase her dreams and choreographing “Ganga Avatran” in Dubai to spread awareness about the purity and importance of Maa Ganga. Being a disciple of Padam Vibhushan Pt. Birju Maharaj, she skilled herself into being a connoisseur of Kathak and has taught students who have the same dreams.

While venturing into Bollywood songs, Arushi was prepared to encounter challenges. She consistently levelled up her game by polishing her physical, mental and artistic wellbeing. In her recent hit “Wafaa na Raas Aayee”, by T-series, she narrates her struggle with the weather in Kashmir, ranging up to -17 degrees. But with her poise and commitment to the project, she managed to ace the song.

Beneath her bedazzling beauty and talents lie a purpose that wants to serve humanity on a holistic basis. As a co-founder at the NGO Sparsh Ganga, she has initiated various ventures: Ganga Cleaning (2019), Production of over 2Lakh Khaki masks (2020), making incense sticks and organic vermicompost by recycling waste flowers collected from different temples in Haridwar.

On October 2nd ,2019 Sparsh Ganga started a large-scale plantation drive named “Selfie with my Sparsh Tree”. More than 150 schools and 80 colleges with an addition of 5 lakh volunteers united globally to execute the mission which turned into a massive fruition as 2lakh tress have been planted until today.

“I have enrolled myself in the school of life, and each day brings a new lesson for me. Whether it’s my emotional growth, financial or mental growth, I am always looking for projects that challenge my former self.”

Moreover, Sparsh Ganga has also been pivotal in providing employment to many jobless people during COVID by harbouring mass-scale Production. By incorporating the concept of circular economy, Sparsh Ganga is empowering women economically and protecting and preserving natural resources by using alternatives to plastic.

Apart from being a TedX Speaker, she has been featured in Forbes. Her significant contributions are towards women empowerment. “Whatever I do, I do it with purpose. My parents have motivated me perpetually have ingrained a growth mindset in me. Mistakes do not disempower me; they educate my then self.”

Arushi unwinds a hectic day with some soul-searching. Her current read is the famous book IKAGAI. In addition, she dedicates an hour to replenishing her physical gleam by practising yoga and pumps up her digital diet with a dose of social media. Given her discipline and schedule, she tries to give her best and has some exciting projects lined up.

“I have enrolled myself in the school of life, and each day brings a new lesson for me. Whether it’s my emotional growth, financial or mental growth, I am always looking for projects that challenge my former self.”

Her forthcoming projects include Kaphal- a web series with Hotstar followed by another one on Netflix. Besides, she has a music album with Zee Music in the pipeline.

“Apart from these projects, I am most excited to work on Tarini, my dream project. The Production will commence soon, and I am preparing myself to invest my best into it.”

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