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Connecting the Dots with Human Resources.

Dr. Rajani Tewari is a Human Resource Specialist with over 18  years of experience in steering  Organisational Development, Talent Management, HR Planning and Strategy, Learning & Development. A Doctorate in Management, Certified Master Trainer with Dale Carnegie and Franklin Covey. She steers HR at Viiking Ventures Pvt.Ltd- a vast conglomerate with various business verticals such as FMCG products, hospitality, entertainment, realty, infrastructure, paper products and philanthropic activities.

Having pioneered the process for succession planning in leadership roles, she had leadhospital acquisition with a strategic interface on organisational development. Her endeavours have earned her team ‘Great places to work’ and 3 sub-awards.

Dr. Rajani has been instrumental in managing four business verticals- F&A, HRO, Global procurement and e-bidding at Essar.  She is highly decorated with  21 individual awards and 27 organisational awards at various HR forums. Dr. Rajani also regularly contributes to various human resource journals across the globe.

PV: How would you describe your style of leadership/mentorship?

Dr. Rajani: My mode of leadership is inclusive and empowering with the right governance.  I believe that people can make magic if channelized well.

PV: How did you get your idea or concept for the business? What was your mission at the outset?

Dr. Rajani: I am a Human Resource professional for the last …..years. My passion has been people and their growth, it’s rooted from the woman instinct to nurture and care for the development.

PV: Was there a time you messed up and felt like you’d failed? How did you bounce back?How did you learn to embrace risk-taking?

Dr. Rajani: Long ago I suggested my senior shut one of the operations as it was a risk, well I vividly recall,  she didn’t pay attention and our relations got strained. However, much later post some legal advice they had to close that sinking ship.

PV: Maam, according to you which leadership skill/s were the most difficult to develop?

Dr. Rajani: I would like to believe ‘Delegation’ was the tough one to crack. I am a detail-oriented person, but having acquired how to assign tasks to my team members was quite productive.

PV: What’s the most important leadership lesson you’ve learned and how has it proven invaluable?

Dr. Rajani: In my experience, People are the biggest assets.The more you invest in them the more you grow with them. As a Human Resource leader seeing cross-functional teams or members grow is the biggest victory.

PV: In your opinion, how ready are the next- generation leaders in terms of knowledge, expertise?

Dr. Rajani: Today, each individual is exceeding,fundamentally due to technology and media exposure. To be the best in the game we all need to be aware and well informed. I feel that youngsters will be instrumental in the growth of economy & reforms.

PV: How important is it to stay connected to key influencers within your organization, who do not work in the same office or geographical area?

Dr. Rajani: Social Networking, internal APPS that help share ideas, content & files within the same environment, are indeed an asset. It helps saves time and resources, while being secure.

PV: Do you have any quick tips for re-energizing an overworked team?

Dr. Rajani: ‘Self-love’ is the key, to bounce back with energy and zeal. Also, love and enjoy tasks,  own your organization idealogy and always have a path for growth in your career.

PV: Do you have a template that you use for long-range visioning and strategic planning?

Dr. Rajani: I work with atime testedmodel at work. So basically I divide work/ tasks at hand in 4 quadrants-  What, When, How and Who. This one always gives you perfect answers and solutions.

PV: What is your upcoming project, how ready is it for the millennials, what purpose/problem will it solve?

Dr. Rajani: We are working on ‘Service Re-attrition’. These methods and tools will create a sense of ownership, passion for organizational goals and also compassion for all.

PV: Any Plans to minimize your business/organizational ecological footprints? Are you a ‘Green Earth’ Crusader? What are a few things you have been personally involved to make an impact?

Dr. Rajani: We all know our responsibilities towards Mother Earth is important. Our teamensures our workplace it kept environment friendly. We have shifted to organic methods for housekeeping, avoid plastics in the cafeteria, and minimize the use of paperwork. We are recycling the AC water for watering the plants and reducing the electricity load by regulation.

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