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Dubai born Nail Tycoon takes Indian Beauty Industry by storm

If there’s one thing that the last couple of decades has proven to this world is that women are consistently doing better in every domain that earlier was seen as purely a male bastion. It is all the more true for today’s inspired women entrepreneurs who are breaking traditions, venturing beyond the norms, chartering unknown territories and they’re not apologetic at all if they step on a few toes in the process.

One such fearless female is Dubai born and raised, Dr. Leena S., who is now a celebrated woman entrepreneur in the Indian beauty industry. She goes by the moniker of the Nail Tycoon and she’s literally scripting her own amazing success story, one step at a time, and doing a tremendous job of it too.

Dr. Leena S. founded her own brand, The Nail Artistry, which has grown into a phenomenon since its launch and has emerged as a clear favourite for the Indian elite and celebrities who regularly visit this tremendously successful chain of luxury salons specializing in nail art, manicures and pedicures apart from regular beauty procedures.

“With the stressed out lives that all of us currently live, relaxing one’s body and mind isn’t as easy as it seems. This is why I have always wanted to share with people the therapeutic capabilities of a professional manicure and pedicure. I chose to start The Nail Artistry from Kochi and not a bigger city so that people don’t compare us to regular salons. I knew if the discerning people of Kochi accepted my idea, it would work anywhere else too,” shares a beaming Dr. Leena S. who is now keen to take her brand international.

Yes, after having made her mark in India, Dr. Leena S. is all set to take her brand, The Nail Artistry to international audiences. However, keeping in mind the global pandemic situation, she is currently fine tuning her plans. Her immediate aim is to open The Nail Artistry luxury salons in Las Vegas, USA, and Dubai, UAE over the course of next few months.

“I truly believe that if you put in honest efforts there’s no way you won’t get the results. I am proud that I have been able to turn The Nail Artistry into the rare few Indian brands to transcend the national border and create an international identity for themselves,” shares Dr. Leena S.

Apart from her plans to expand internationally, Dr. Leena S. is also aiming to set up new salons in the Indian cities of Hyderabad, Bangalore and Goa. What really differentiates The Nail Artistry from its competitors is not just the fact that it is patronised by the who’s who from the worlds of Indian cinema, beauty, and glamour industries, but also that Dr. Leena S. believes that competition is irrelevant for them.

“We’re proud to state that what really makes us unique is the laser sharp focus that we have on our clients’ overall experience. What we offer are world class luxury services backed by unwavering commitment to quality and hygiene. Nowhere else would you find such a professional team that is devoted to bringing a smile of satisfaction to every client’s face,” shares Dr. Leena S with pride.

To leave the competition far behind, Dr. Leena S. has made sure that The Nail Artistry salons are recognized for their focus on luxury, hygiene and safety. All her salons follow strict hygiene protocols like the big hospitals and are equipped with the latest autoclave machines to sterilize instruments. Also, every manicure and pedicure pod is disinfected after every session and the team’s efforts are much appreciated by all the clients who are treated like royalty.

Dr. Leena S. was also recently graced with the prestigious National Award “Champions of Change 2020” conferred by Shri Bhagat Singh Koshiyari, Hon’ble Governor of Maharashtra & Goa, for her exemplary achievements. She has also been featured in Forbes India, Fortune India, Femina, Filmfare and Outlook magazines among several other print publications and TV channels.

“To be truthful, I myself didn’t know that The Nail Artistry would evolve into something so d\ynamic and with a life of its own. My journey so far has been immensely satisfying but I am far from done, so watch out,” says Dr. Leena S with a smile.

With such clear focus, it is no wonder that Dr. Leena S. has taken the Indian Beauty Industry by storm. Obviously, they call Dr. Leena S. the Nail Tycoon for a reason!

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