Dr. Jagvinder S Virk

Dr. Jagvinder S Virk is an inspirational community leader with a portfolio in Trade & Investment, International Education and Infrastructure. Dr. Virk has been engaged in promoting Australia in the international market since 2007. His gamut of experience covers strategy, project planning, business development, and key stakeholder relationship management. A physician by training, Dr. Virk has sought to understand and highlight the health impact of changes in lifestyle on migrant communities.

In 2013, Dr. Virk established the India Australia Strategic Alliance to promote closer business ties between mid-sized businesses in India and Australia. Dr. Virk was awarded PUNJABI ICON AWARD 2015 by the Indian Government, which is awarded annually only to one individual Non – Resident Indian across the globe for National and International relations and Achievements.


How would you describe your style of leadership/mentorship?

Jagvinder: I see myself as a strategist and a deep thinker. One sterling example of my mindset would be how a good thing can be accomplished and how this can be further accomplished with great minded people. I desire to take fresh ideas and young minds along with me. The key is to make them meet & network with the right people, at an appropriate time.

Sir, What is your organization’s mission?

Jagvinder: The India Australia Strategic Alliance(IASA) was formed for stronger economic and political ties, diplomatic relationships and strong friendship between India and Australia. As the Indian population is growing rapidly in Australia, an organization such as the IASA is vital to bridge relationships between the two countries of huge potential.

What’s the most important leadership lesson you’ve learned and how has it proven invaluable?

Jagvinder: I have learned that leadership is of paramount importance for teamwork. People Management within
a good team can remove obstacles and help us move collectively towards the common goal.

In your opinion, how ready are the next- generation leaders in terms of knowledge, expertise?

Jagvinder: In my opinion, and experience, the new generation lacks key characteristics like street smartness and voluntary networking in person rather than on social media. If they unite three key aspects which are knowledge,
opportunities, and connectivity they will be very successful in life.

What causes are you most passionate about?

Jagvinder: I endeavor for Global Causes of Health, Education, Water resources, Global Emissions.

What do you hope to achieve with your philanthropy?

Jagvinder: Some of the main aims that I have been considering are supplying clean portable water to people who do not have the means to attain it. Secondly, I aim to give better levels of education in international universities to the
brilliant minds that are unfortunately are less fortunate and lack access.

What is the most challenging part for you to manage between educationist, real estate & medical practice?

Jagvinder: For most of it I find it difficult being in business and simultaneously being involved in politics.

What are a few things you have been personally involved to make an impact in the India-Australia Strategic Alliance?

Jagvinder: I have been in person deeply engaged with the high profile visit of Honourable Ex-PMM Tony Abbot to India. It was the first-ever visit of any current, former prime minister to Golden Temple Amritsar.

What is your upcoming project? What purpose/problem will it solve?

Jagvinder: The forthcoming project for IASA is to plan the visit of the deputy prime minister of Australia to India, thus endeavoring to push investment aspects in industries such as agriculture, mining, regional tourism, and education.

Sir, please opine on the current status of International Education?

Jagvinder: International education plays a pivotal role in countries. Australia is very proficient in skill development whilst India is very good in the sectors of Health and Information Technology. To my wisdom, Indian and Australian universities should work more closely with each other to help both countries to grow. The Impact of intellect and education definitively changes millions of lives.

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