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Dr. Alexandra McDermott Passion Vista Magazine

Dr. Alexandra McDermott

Global Award-Winning Leader and International Book Publisher

Dr. Alexandra McDermott, known as “Ali” is a global award-winning leader, research professor, entrepreneur, and international book publisher. She has served in a leadership capacity in many industries including: retail, law, education, business, real estate, ecommerce, health and wellness, research, writing, and publishing. Her formal education includes a Master of Fine Arts, Juris Doctor, and Educational Doctorate. She also has certificates in Image Consulting, Integrative Health and Nutrition, and Life Coaching.

Ali considers 2022 and 2023 her most transformative years. In June 2023, she became a Bestselling Published Author and has since published stories in several books, which have earned recognition in dozens of bestselling categories around the world. This is when she discovered the true power of storytelling and launched: McDermott Leadership and Pen Crown Publishing. Her purpose is to now help leaders around the world define or redefine their purpose to lead the life of their dreams. Through her innovative platforms, she focuses on three primary pillars: storytelling, high author impact, and legacy. As a leader focused on service, she also partners with non-profit organizations throughout the world to serve as beneficiaries of the proceeds from these efforts.

Ali’s experience, innovation, and thought leadership have made her a sought-after coach, earned her global acclaim, and allowed her to connect with incredible leaders throughout the world. She will be releasing several new books in 2024 as well as opportunities for leaders to join the international publishing industry and become a Bestselling Published Author. You can connect with Ali on LinkedIn: Alexandra McDermott, JD, MFA, EdD | LinkedIn

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