3 Foods to Help Combat Drug & Alcohol Abuse

  • Many people tend to focus on the removal of toxins when they hear about detoxification.
  • Although it is a critical part of drug and alcohol recovery, nutrition plays a huge part since it is vital to replace the nutrients lost during the detox process.
  • A body that is healthy also has a higher probability of avoiding relapse and living a life of recovery.
  • While a balanced diet is critical, one must also identify vitamins and minerals that the body lacks to get back to normal processes quickly.

Nutritional Deficiencies Common in Stimulant Additions

  • A stimulant is a drug that increases central nervous system activity. Stimulants include cocaine, methamphetamines, crack and amphetamines.
  • As stimulants cause users to stay up for extended periods, nutritional deficiencies are quite common.
  • A balanced diet of leafy greens, proteins, and omega-3 reduce the risk of depression and heart disease.

Opioids and Nutritional Deficiencies

  • Painkillers like oxycodone, morphine and hydrocodone are often given for medical conditions where pain is present.
  • Heroin is also a commonly used opioid and an illegal drug that affects people across a wide scope of income levels and geography.
  • According to the National Institutes of Health, 948,000 admitted using heroin and as many as 170,000 used it for the first time in 2016, which is why Aspire Health Network is at the forefront of drug and alcohol abuse and treatment.
  • For patients in rehab, a diet rich in leafy vegetables, legumes and grains provides critical nutrients.

Alcohol Abuse and Nutrient Deficiencies

  • Most often in people who suffer from alcohol abuse is the absence of vitamin B1, B6, and folic acid.
  • The lack of these nutrients promotes issues with anemia and hemoglobin in red blood cells. It will also lead to neurological disorders that would counterbalance the benefits of detox.
  • For those with advanced alcohol abuse symptoms, there may be a deficiency in vitamins A, B2, B6 and C as well as iron and calcium, which have stunning effects on bone disease like osteoporosis.

3 Foods Critical for a Nutritional Body

Drugs and alcohol are known to dehydrate the body, which is why drinking plenty of water will help during detox.

Once your mind and body are clear, it also regulates normal functions.

If you experience an upset stomach, you can always use freshly squeezed juice, coconut water or electrolytes to calm your stomach and rehydrate. It also helps to introduce nutrients as well.

  1. Animal and plant-based proteins are also vital to a healthy mind and body since amino acids repair cells. Try to eat fish for amino acids, red meats for iron and chicken for protein to get a balance of healthy nutrients.
  2. Soy, quinoa and lentils are ideal sources for proteins.
  3. If you have a juicer, an afternoon green drink of leafy green vegetables and fruits like kale, spinach, papayas and pineapple are ideal for an energy pick-me-up full of nutrients. It provides a balance of beta-carotene, folic acid and vitamins that fight illness.

It is also important to know which foods to avoid as triggers for relapse.

A detox center or doctor will also monitor any changes to your diet to help you establish a healthy recovery diet plan.

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