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Many women from Gujarat aspire to break the chain of conventionalism but Alas! The society incarcerates their aspirations. A few however manages to fathom the unfathomable, one such happens
to be SUMAN CHELLANI – Miss India Intercontinental 2018

September 2018, during the finale of Señorita India, the nation got its official entry to the prestigious 48th annual Miss Intercontinental, which was to be held in Manila, Philippines. The one who got crowned was Gujarat’s own daughter – Suman Chellani, who was soon on her way to represent India.

Suman, since the very beginning had always aspired to be counted among the greats but never really knew her niche. Coming from a community known for their business acumen, she herself enrolled in a Business Administration program simultaneously learning French.

“I wanted to travel the world”

Says Suman, when we enquired the reason for opting to learn French, as she originally intended to become a flight attendant and a command over a foreign language other than English always gives leverage. She even took professional classes for the same but later realized her calling was into Anchoring and within a short period of time she has become one of the most sought-after Emcees of Ahmedabad.

Even though becoming a successful Emcee – with experience in hosting events, be it for corporate events, for entertainment purposes or seminars. Fate had written a grandiose tale for her and soon she was recognized among her acquaintances for her flawless beauty and a charming persona. Thus, in 2009 she won her first beauty pageant which started a saga of winning pageants after another. Her biggest breakthrough was received when she was crowned Miss Gujarat 2011, an honor every model from this state aspires to achieve.

Her anchoring background enabled her with exemplary public-speaking skills, which helped her during the finale to confidently and clearly deliver her advocacies to the world and to answer difficult questions presented by the judges.

In her case, the cliché is perfectly apt –there is more than what meets the eyes – apart from being an anchor and a model, Suman has also had experience of working in the Hindi Film Industry, making cameo appearances. Recently, she has released two albums of her own, namely ‘Hindustan’ and ‘Tere Aane Se’. Suman is also multilingual with the ability to speak fluently in Hindi, English, Gujarati, Sindhi and French.

As mortal beings we often limit ourselves to the confines of our less vivid imagination pertaining to unleashing the truest potential. A general kneejerk reaction from imaginary fallacies is withdrawal or submission to the mundane. Suman however is an exception to such redundancies. Added to her acting-modeling-anchoring pursuits, she has a diploma in Aviation, Hospitality and Travel Management, and she has worked with a number of airlines, travelling around the world and learning to become more accommodative of other cultures and people from different ethnic backgrounds. Suman can also greet people in 18 different languages!

She was also Ahmedabad City Finalist at Yamaha Fascino Miss Diva Universe 2017 by TIMES Group and was Chosen as TOP 30 Most Desirable Woman of Ahmedabad by Times Group in 2017. The relentless drive for achieving finesse has been one engrossed with stones and gravels but her voice of fortitude had always came from her pageant coach – Miss Ritika Ramtri.

Her achievements till date have not muffled her inner voice for reaching the highest echelons, with full vigor she aspires to represent India on an International stage again, if not a pageant contestant then probably an anchor at The Miss Universe competition.

If anyone is curious to know who does multi-beauty pageant winner considers beautiful, then the answer is ‘You’, for her every human being is a beautiful soul one way or another. It’s the deeds that make us ugly and not our natural composure.


Who would like to be stuck in a deserted island?

Barack Obama

Power, Money or Fame? Choose one.


If you could speak with the dead then who would it be?

Mother Teresa

A gadget you wish existed?

Which can bring back your deceased loved ones

Your biggest fear?

Losing my loved ones

Is there a special someone in your life? If yes, then who?


A date with George Clooney or with Jim Carrey?

Jim Carrey

Your dream destination?


What’s your definition of an ideal man?


If you become god for a day, what would be the first thing you do ?

Feed all the hungry

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