Phillipa Brown

A Trailblazing Light In Times of Distress

When it comes to breaking barriers regarding mental health issues, Phillipa Brown is making waves by integrating technology to provide psychological support with the help of her platform. A robust burst of energy amalgamated with her down to earth persona, makes her an exemplary psychologist and counsellor which is reflected in her platform MeHelp Psychology. Engrained with a resolve to support others, her life is a reflection of ‘where there is a will, there is a way.’

Born in a family of winemakers in a small town in the heart of the King Valley, she got her formal education in the city of Melbourne. She excelled in her studies and made psychology and counselling her forte, thereby obtaining 4 different degrees in the same field. “Upon reflection, the journey was the most challenging yet rewarding experience that taught me more about myself than I thought possible” is one of her learnings in the pathway of life.

She elaborates how her company started off as a sought after and professional tool by which people living in remote and rural areas could get access to affordable mental healthcare which was mostly available in big cities. Started in 2019, she witnessed a monumental shift in the technological atmosphere that assisted her in developing this platform. A year later, the pandemic opened the Pandora’s box with a high number of people being gravely affected by mental health issues. She never knew that MeHelp Psychology would become an overnight success.

After developing an exemplary capacity for psychology, mental health, and understanding peoples’ mindset, she feels that she relies more on her intuition and analytical skills when it comes to decision making in her business as she didn’t have any formal education in that field. This had been her biggest barrier when she started out her venture. But her hard work and positive attitude has sealed a niche for herself in the industry by demonstrating that being fearless is the only way forward. She bridges that gap by formulating creative ways to teach herself by reading books, listening to podcasts and joining business group discussions.

Her mantra for success is unlike any other, she exclaims “Asking for help is the single most important thing anyone can do to achieve an outcome they can’t do alone. Ironically, I used to think I could do everything on my own, even if it meant putting myself through a lot of suffering to ‘figure it out.’ What I was failing to recognise was that sometimes figuring it out, meant asking others for help and we can do so in many different ways”

Phillipa has outlined four strategies that can be of guidance to women achieving more prominent roles- Commitment (focusing on learning opportunities rather than mistakes), Care (showing respect and appreciation to others), Competence (personal and professional development goes hand in hand) and Confidence (believing in yourself).

She also feels that the workforce is becoming more dynamic globally with institutions providing improved facilities for women. Paid leave for new parents and shared responsibilities at home is also a contributing factor. This makes her feel that her husband inspires her each day as he himself works hard towards being a better, more loving father and also a well-reputed businessman.

With Phillipa’s heart set out to help people one way or another, she had previously used her reservoir of knowledge by volunteering on numerous occasions for years including assisting homeless people to find shelter, food and care. She had also volunteered as a support worker for disadvantaged youth and also as a telephone crisis support worker for a suicide helpline.

Being a mother to a toddler and another one on the way, work-life balance is the keystone upon which she attributes her time. With her exceptional time management skills and with the aid of her supporting husband she was able to commit to work and give the fullest to her son. In her spare time, she makes sure she does what she loves which includes skiing in winters, spending time with her family, content creating, blogging, reading and listening to podcasts.

Being a young entrepreneur can be a challenging job but Phillipa makes it look like a walk in the park.

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