Lori Bergman

Transforming lives through wholesome Nutrition

Lori, along with her older sister, were born and raised in Montreal, Canada, where their parents taught them to be strong and decisive women. After receiving her degree in Linguistics from Concordia University, she began forging a career, but it did not bring her the joy and fulfillment that it should have. She started to look at her life from a deeper perspective, to find her purpose and her happiness.

Lori struggled for many years with her weight and body image. After having lost almost 45 pounds through balanced eating and exercise, the science of weight loss fuelled her interest in the subject, and she began her studies in nutrition and natural medicine. With her passion for healthy living and taking a realistic approach to a healthy lifestyle, Lori now coaches others on how to do the same.

Using her extensive knowledge in nutrition, Lori consistently highlights the importance of eating balanced meals and ditching the unrealistic weight loss methods. She points out the risks involved in choosing extreme diets and how they affect a person’s mental, physical, and emotional health.

“We live in a diet culture world that thrives on promoting instant results with new diet trends. They promise quick and easy weight loss and, most of the time, they are not safe or healthy. Since the science of nutrition is always evolving, new studies are published that counter old studies and it reaches a point where no one knows the healthy way to eat.”

As Lori entered a new phase in her life, she experienced an array of emotions which later brought her to a crossroads. “After my divorce, I felt broken, like there was no hope. But I was raised to be a strong person, and gradually, I started to process my situation. I put time and effort into reviving my business. Managing client meetings, creating recipes for the cookbook I was writing, caring for my daughter, and getting new certifications all at the same time was overwhelming. But it was worth it.”

Lori works two jobs, manages her business, and spends time with her daughter. Throughout her professional and personal growth, she always admired Sheryl Sandberg, Oprah Winfrey, and Gabrielle Bernstein, all of whom overcame enormously difficult phases in their lives to become successes. She believes in equality and reflects feminist views by opposing the conventional view of women as mere caregivers. Lori herself is a combination of true power and achievement, as she manages it all without compromising the fundamental aspects of femininity. She is a loving mother and a successful businesswoman.

“As women, we worry about being judged or labelled as difficult if we speak our opinion, but it is time to challenge those archaic views, move past those concerns, and make ourselves heard. Be professional in all you do and take pride in your work. It’s also important to be supportive of other women and celebrate victories together.”

Some of her notable achievements include earning a degree as a Nutrition Natural Health Practitioner from The Alternative Medicine College of Canada (2014) and getting registered with the Association des Naturotherapeutes de Québec (ANQ) that same year. Later in 2017, Lori received her certificate as a Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach in Exercise Nutrition with Precision Nutrition, followed by 2019 a Nutrition and Healthy Living certificate at Cornell University. In 2020, she also wrote and published a cookbook, ‘Kitchen Confident,” which is sold online.

Lori explores the outdoorsy side of her personality in her free time. She enjoys skiing and snowshoeing in the winter and loves to bike around the city. As a nutrition enthusiast, cooking feeds her soul and brings her into her proper element. Meditation, yoga, and strength training are all just a few of the ways she enjoys being active, but she also enjoys curling up with a good book.

Speaking with Lori can incline anyone towards following a healthy and balanced life. She emphasizes the importance of listening to one’s body and following one’s heart. “Choose a job you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life. Life never fails to surprise you with the ups and downs but it’s how you interpret them and make the most of them that allow you to decide who you will become. So put all your energy into becoming a better you each day.”

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