Karan Oberoi

The Jaw Dropping Supermodel & Style Icon

Karan Oberoi is an Indian supermodel having exemplary style statement and a physique to make anyone
envy, he has more than 300 fashion shows under his portfolio and 100 plus commercial and fashion
photographers he has worked with.

Though having a MBA degree, Karan started his career as a designer before venturing full time into modeling. He has been voted as India’s Top fitness model by Ht BRUNCH under India’s top supermodel list and is one of the few models in India who has carved a massive fan following across the genders. Walking around the street Karan has that alluring aura to make heads turn.

Karan Oberoi has been on the cover page of world’s leading fitness magazine – Men’s Health with Russian Supermodel Alena for their rare “the sex issue” edition and India’s leading fitness magazine – Health and Nutrition. Karan also holds the prestigious titles ‘The Youth Icon Model’ of the 2018 and “Mr.Best physique” at Mr India International modelling contest. Karan has also endorsed for leading brands like Reebok, British Nutrition health supplements, Isuzu car commercial, Royal Enfield bikes,  Fashion Big Bazar clothing line, Spunk sportswear to name a few. Further adding a long list of fans and
followers on his social media handles. Apart from this he is also a distinguished recipient of World Peace Messenger from World Peace & Diplomacy Organisation.

Being a supermodel and fitness icon sure isn’t a walk in the park. Having the best style statement and staying chiseled every time like a Greek god to have that perfect – photograph ready physique is a mandate. Most of us can’t even reduce that belly fat from all the junk we consume, imagine popping out 6 pack abs and maintaining the same year after another. A fitness model is not your regular body builder and certainly not the beefed up ‘gym-bro’ you see shaking his whey protein near the water cooler.

So curiously we tried to unweave what it takes to be one. A tete-e-tete with one of the sought after fitness
models in the country Karan Oberoi, gave us some very unique insights.

“It is not easy to be a model. You have to work under tremendous stress and pressure, and look good at
the same time,” says Karan He further adds, “There is always a constant pressure to build and maintain abs and also remain camera ready all the year round.” As he says this I took a brief gaze at my protruding potbelly wondering about all the failed workout commitments I had made to myself since the past one year. Sigh.

Fitness modeling as compared to bodybuilding is like comparing a Ford Mustang with a Ford Endevaour, both are Fords but very different from under-the- hood. Fitness modeling is a combination
of fitness and good looks which requires a constant maintenance plus dedication. Karan Oberoi
maintains a strict routine to remain in shape. He says, “Remaining fit all year round is a challenge and I maintain a disciplined lifestyle and refrain from smoking or drinking.”

It is not easy to be a model. You have to work under tremendous stress and pressure, and look good at the same time.
– says Karan

He follows a balanced diet and believes in working out as well as taking proper rest afterwards. He relies
on green tea and water to detoxify his body. Unlike the perception people have about models, Karan is
not a party person at all and focuses more on his work and fitness more than anything else.

While speaking with KO (as he is popularly known as) my inclination towards fitness modeling started escalating while I begun to imagine how smooth it would have been to woo my high school crush if I was a fitness model like Karan (hope she isn’t married by now) and thus I wondered what can be the Do’s and Don’ts to becoming one. Turns out Karan has a neat list for enthused individuals like me, here is
what he has to say,

1. Avoid taking steroids and growth hormones, you will get your gains eventually but the side effects of
these substances can be dangerous.

2. No smoking and avoid drinking alcohol.

3. A balanced diet with a proper mix of protein and carbohydrate in everything. It is also necessary to balance the sodium intake.

4. Resort to protein bars and sugar free ice cream when having pangs for eating something sweet.

5. Keep changing workout because majority of guys keep same workout where body gets used to it and
stops growing

6. Do not work out for more than 45 minutes.

7. Taking proper rest is necessary.

8. For a fitness model it is important to look good also so green salad and citrus fruits should be included in your diet.

9. Detoxify your body with green tea.

10. Have 3 liters of water in every quarter of the day.

11. Using black coffee before workout and using protein shake with less sodium content along with omega 3 and vitamin C supplement.

12. Running and sprints every alternate day.

So there you have it folks, an insight for becoming a fashion model, given you got the looks like Karan
(and charisma too) as a prerequisite condition. We never said it’s going to be easy, so if you have the tenacity for this type of a regime then pull up your socks and do the tango!

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