Jacqueline Hudson

Digital marketing trailblazer and founder of LUXE Digital Now Corporation

At a time when marketers had just started discovering the reach of digital marketing, Jacqueline Hudson was already an expert in the field. An alumni of Cambridge University, she pursued her PgD from the Digital Marketing Institute in Dublin, Ireland. Today, she is globally recognized as an award winning digital marketing executive with experience spanning more than a decade.

Recently, Jacqueline was named Top 40 under 40 in the Top 100 Magazine within the U.S. She is also a global speaker at the BCMA (Branded Content Marketing Association), having lectured in 14 countries globally. She specializes in strategic planning and management, project leadership and design, data analytical designs and architecture, technology development, and all digital marketing principles.

With such distinctions under her belt, Jacqueline founded LUXE Digital Now CORPORATION (www.luxedigitalnow.com), a luxury digital marketing and technology solutions company in 2018. And in less than two years, LUXE Digital managed to achieve top spot.

The platform serves some of the best clients in the beauty and luxury industries, including the best commercial brands globally in the world. The agency has helped the likes of L’Oréal, Burberry, American Express and Jaguar to find their creative voice through digital mediums, guiding them through the ever-evolving, omni-channel environment of the modern world of commercialism and marketing. Jacqueline, who also serves as CEO, adds, “Our elite services offer a level of professionalism and integrity that surpasses our competition. We also believe in brand and client loyalty that adds the extra value points and commitment in our services.”

LUXE Digital began with a mission to be the most innovative technology solutions company in the world and they achieved this by developing some of the most cutting-edge beauty, data and mobile technologies, all designed exclusively for the beauty and luxury industries.

Speaking about how LUXE Digital has successfully distinguished itself apart from its competitors, Jacqueline says, “For one, we specialize in marketing tech for the beauty and luxury industries. We have designed technology solutions that not only enhance marketing strategy for CMO’s and C-Levels, but also for better KPI, data collection and autonomy for marketing ROI and KPI enhancement on budget and advertising control. This is developed exclusively through our technology AiDAS (Artificial Intelligence Data Analytical System) that gives corporations complete autonomy of their data collection. We have also developed some of the most innovative technology in the AR/AI arena including the Liquid Beauty AI, which is developing smart mirrors for cosmetics and skincare advisory, and our travel mobile apps, designed for the private jet charter industry.”

In addition to its contemporary approach, LUXE Digital is also much admired for its company culture which is diverse and inclusive. They make it a point to hire a diverse pool of talent globally and pride themselves on their integrated inclusion and integrity solutions within the firm. Their groups are remote, and this has given them the type of new virtual office culture that fits well within the tech industry.

Their staff itself is talented and varied, from software engineers to data scientists. They have a great pool of personnel that continue to uphold not only the values of the firm, but also the products and service solutions. Sharing their recruitment process, Jacqueline says, “We approach recruitment from a diversity and inclusion standpoint, adding in the best in talent and also bringing on board recruiting services that enhance our company culture, growth and investment.”

Without hogging any credit for being an admirable leader herself, Jacqueline is quick to highlight that they managed to sail through Covid only thanks to its team and leadership: “More recently we have faced the COVID-19 pandemic and that has hit all industries with the most devastating stand points that have tested the durability of a company.

We have faced this adversity and still continue to stand strong with our teams and inevitably our leadership.”

Now that the pandemic is on an ebb, Jacqueline details their plans for the coming year. “We will continue to advance our technology solutions in the arenas of space technology as well as holographic systemic technology for the future. Our company objective is to continue to advance technology and push the envelope for the industry,” says Jacqueline as she gears up to pioneer the next platform.

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