Elinor Moshe

Thought Leader, Author, Founder of The Construction Coach

“In no field other than the mentoring world, are you afforded a moment in time where you receive a heartfelt letter from a client detailing how you’ve changed their life,” says the dynamic Thought Leader, Elinor Moshe.

A trailblazer from the construction industry, Elinor has been bestowed with gratitude from people across the world for her ability to propel them to success. “My passion is mentoring and expanding people’s realm of possibility, to show them what’s possible so they can construct their own exceptional future against all conventions and odds,” she says.

Elinor is based in Australia, and her confidence, diligence and distinct work has made her a pioneering Thought Leader disrupting the construction industry. Her passion to guide, inspire and direct future leaders and industry professionals to achieve higher compensation, more recognition, and faster career progression led to her founding Australia’s first construction coach in 2019 – ‘The Construction Coach’.

In less than two years, Elinor’s bold risks have found her global fame. She’s the podcast host of the popular ‘Constructing You’, wherein she interviews exemplary leaders and industry titans who dominate construction business and their careers. She is also the #1 best-selling author of ‘Constructing Your Career’, a one-of-a-kind book offering practical advice and inspirational guidance on how to construct an exemplary industry career. In addition, she has been featured in Yahoo! Finance, Australian National Construction Review and over 30 global podcasts discussing her career and business acumen.

And all this is because in her world, Elinor speaks the language of ambition and achievement and only sees a world of possibility.

The Thought Leadership model of Entrepreneurship is a path not many have travelled, but Elinor has managed to conquer it with aplomb. Talking about her extraordinary journey, she says, “I was fortunate to find my mentor – Ron Malhotra, who helped me bypass the decades it would have taken me to figure it all out myself.” She also credits her parents for being her constant inspiration as well as her vision and potential, which serve as the pull motivation that keeps her going.

As a Thought Leader, what has been the most challenging barrier in her career? Elinor reveals, “There was a time in my career where I gave up my power, and by working hard to fit in and compromising my ideals, I was suffocating the expression of my personality and my soul. The construction industry has certain clichés and preconceived ideologies as to what a career looks like. But I never fitted the mould, nor do I follow the herd. The barrier was to overcome convention and craft my own pathway, future and niche. And now, I can breathe.”

Through her consulting, private mentoring and masterminds, Elinor has inspired many professionals and leaders to seek a higher goal for themselves and then, achieve it. Ask her how professionals and leaders can be better achievers, and she says the determinant of success that happens inside the workplace, is what you learn outside of it: “It requires those who want to get to the top to invest in themselves from a mindset and skill-set perspective to achieve that with a high degree of differentiation and unique value proposition.”

Women have forever dodged the work-home balance as best as they could. Elinor has an interesting take on this too: “I don’t believe in the concept of balance for it gives a false illusion that everything needs to be in equilibrium to feel a sense of achievement. For me it’s about creating a business which supports my life and lifestyle, rather than hinder it.”

A Thought Leader and Mentor par excellence, we request the charismatic Elinor to leave us with a message for our readers, and she shares: “This isn’t the dress rehearsal – this is the final show. You owe it to your future self to step out of your own way and have the audacity to dream and live a life by strategic design. Ambition and achievement may be my first language, but I want to see you win.”

Some of her awards and honours include:

  • #1 best-selling author of ‘Constructing Your Career’.
  • ‘Constructing You’ achieving 50K downloads in one year and at peak ranked #5 on Australia’s Career Apple Podcast Charts.
  • Named ‘Visionary Entrepreneur’ by Yahoo! Finance for ‘The Construction Coach’
  • Named ‘Top 100 Women in Construction’, 2020 and 2018.
  • Named ‘Top 500 Women in Property 2019’ for Property Council of Australia.

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