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Amy Forsythe Passion Vista Magazine

Amy Forsythe

Media Expert and Communications Strategist

Amy Forsythe is an award-winning photojournalist and communications maven who has been on assignment around the world. She’s an expert in media engagement strategies, crisis communications, digital media production and executive media leadership and coaching.

Amy started her career as a U.S. Marine Combat Correspondent and she currently serves as Public Affairs Officer for the Department of Defense. Her photos and video taken while on military assignment around the world have been featured in numerous international and national media outlets through the years and continues to be used for historical purposes.

Amy’s experience in multimedia production and international communications has made her a sought-after speaker, consultant and thought-leader. She recently published a book titled “Heroes Live Here” which was an instant bestseller on Amazon. The book guides readers through the sprawling military base in Southern California and shares heartwarming tributes behind more than a dozen tributes and monuments honoring those who served in the U.S. Marine Corps. You can connect with Amy on LinkedIn and learn more about her work at

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