Charlotte Howard

Top Publisher, Entrepreneur and Mentor

Charlotte Howard had a rewarding career in Corporate America as a beauty salon manager and hair stylist working more than 40 hours a week for Regis Corporation, a multi-billion-dollar Corporate leader in beauty salons and cosmetology education.

Until one day, when she was diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome, a condition that causes numbness, tingling or weakness in the hand. In that moment, she knew self-care was no longer a luxury but an asset. It also brought clarity that a job was no longer stable and that she needed to consider becoming an entrepreneur to create her dream life doing what she loved.

Initially, her friends, family and colleagues did not support her decision of becoming a full-time entrepreneur. But Charlotte was determined to use her corporate career skills and talents to impact other people’s lives and create her dream life and freedom after being chained to the chair working long hours in the salon. What helped her most was showcasing her strength in what she was great at – creating her own communities to serve female entrepreneurs, business owners and authors.

As a homeschooling single mom of four aged 9, 10, 16 and 25, Charlotte soon became a serial entrepreneur with over five businesses. She balanced her family and work life by creating flexibility based businesses in publishing, coaching and mentorship.

“My passion is helping women achieve their goals and dreams. My passion drives my goals in life by making me continue to put myself out there by meeting new people, connecting and building a bond with my clients to keep making an impact in the world,” says Charlotte.

Over the years, Charlotte has earned the reputation of being an award-winning business breakthrough strategist, master marketing specialist, and speaker, who works with struggling and successful professional service-based women entrepreneurs and helps them within 45 minutes find hidden profits of more than $100,000 in additional revenue… and without them spending a cent on marketing or advertising. This is her Wealthy Women Inner Circle, of which she is the CEO.

Charlotte also trains her clients and sales teams at Fortune 500 companies on how to package and promote their ideas for maximum impact, influence and income acceleration.

She has been equally successful as CEO with her other company – Heart Centered Women Publishing, through which she has published more than 1,000 best selling books in 13 different languages. As a #1 International best-selling author herself, Charlotte has been featured in top media outlets like NBC, WSA-TV, ABC, FOX and more.

Yet, she feels women have it hard. As a woman leader, she feels her biggest challenge was not getting the support and accountability she needed in the marketplace. Not having access to the necessary grant funds initially when she started her career as an African American woman. And not being respected in the industry as a women because everyone believed men could do it better. “There will always be some places that don’t treat women of certain cultures how they should be treated in work conditions,” reiterates Charlotte.

As a Champion of women’s right to succeed, Charlotte feels inspired by other women making a difference in the world each day, but none more than her late mother, who raised her to be her own boss. Seeing her mom make her own money and becoming an entrepreneur inspired her to make her own rules and impact many lives globally, creating multiple streams of income, and building her legacy.

She was named ‘Information Marketing Genius’ by The Information Marketing Journal and Informational Marketing Association in 2010. She was named ‘Top Marketing Expert’ by Fit Small Business in 2008, received ‘Top Women In Business Mentor Award’ by American Business Women Association and ‘Top Iconic Artist and Writer Influencer Personality’ in 2020.

But beyond all this success is Charlotte, the woman and mother. Come weekend, and you can find her exercising, meditating, writing new books, reading her favourite motivational books and listening to her motivational audios to start her morning on a positive note. You will also find her spending time with her kids doing family activities and planning out the week ahead.

Her hobbies consist of lots of pampering herself including getting her hair styled, getting deep tissue massages, and enjoying a stream of her favourite shows and music. Her ‘me-time’ is exploring different cultures and foods. She loves going on the beach for brisk walks and traveling with her kids, family, friends and her Wealthy Women Inner Circle Community.

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