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The global leader getting global heads turning with her work

Performing various roles for many organizations at Tech Innovation Global Incorporated, Alicia Caroll is a native of the United States. She serves as the President of Tech Innovation Global Incorporated in the United States in Huntsville, Alabama, registered by USFCR. It is a Women-Owned Small Business (WOSB/ EDWOSB) incorporated in 2019, with services like Trident, Mental Health screening CPEs, and now has a service tool.

In her two decades of career, she served as the advisor for services in science and tech as an engineer. Throughout her professional journey, Alicia has always performed challenging roles in her career since 2002. Her goal was always to complete assignments and prepare the upcoming generation, including her four grans.

Alicia interfaces with technical teams, businesses, managers, and services, including academia and countries, to liaise with many organizations to accomplish training in her company’s goals. Her alliances include those with several private organizations too. She has trained and mentored others in creating a successful diverse workforce for many years.

Under her leadership, Tech Global has earned several recognitions, including locating industry profiles and analyzing supply capabilities from February 2020 to March 2020 and November 2019 statement of work. Some of the firm’s other recognitions include a Corporate Excellence Award in Sustainability from a British organizer alongside a membership at the Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce (GBCC).

Although, bringing her company this far was a challenging task. One of her biggest challenges includes finding venture capital as only up to 2.3% of female-led startups receive venture capital. But she triumphed over this trial with impeccable working style & solutions, part-time support from professionals, networking, and funding.

While this was a professional challenge, Alicia did encounter challenges in her personal life too. She sacrificed many things during college since she spent her time researching composites since she wanted to earn while she learned. But she agrees that challenges continue even after settling down career because one has to balance between her home and work. “Joining community events, visiting a farm, touring with the youth, and joining some recreational activities is the best way to balance between home and work.”

As a woman leader, time was her biggest challenge. “Overall, my leadership journey is in the ability to take what I’ve learned within my company and share our vision with external audiences. During my tenure, I have worked with teams and received numerous awards recognizing my exceptional leadership and exemplary performance. Overall, my biggest accomplishment comes from working with teams is learning and telling various audiences outside of my company what we do at Tech Innovation Global Incorporated.”

Leadership is a continuous process, and supporting women’s rise is one of the best qualities of a leader. Alicia believes that today’s organizational culture supports working women in rotational assignments on planning, virtual learning, fellowship or part-time study programs, and apprenticeships. Further, she suggests that leadership programs can help women experience how key personnel/ leaders achieved the goals. They can learn about how various offices work together, how to best contribute toward the goals, balance workforce capabilities, encourage outreach opportunities, innovation and enhance the organization’s future workforce talent.

The dynamic leader also reaches out to other global leaders in the United States of America, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Europe, France, Finland, The Netherlands, Mexico, Norway, Sweden, Spain, Africa, Switzerland, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Russia, and Poland. But none of this was possible without an inspiration, which Alicia draws from businesswomen she has known for twenty years now. “My role models have been a software developer who retired from her company and later began ‘Village of Promise,’ and other professional businesswomen and businessmen who provide services in the network for several years.”

Developing a plan defines Alicia’s passion. It helps her put energy into everything, including describing the key steps in her life. “Self motivation, great people, excellent products, and exemplary leadership are the key to goals in life.” Her vision for Tech Innovation Global Incorporated that she saw four years ago is now earning accolades globally.

Alicia was listed among the 10 Most Inspiring Business Women Making a Difference, 2021, by and the Most Influential Women in Tech, 2021, by Business Beyond magazine. Her mantra to growth is great insight, planning, and a healthy workplace, especially during the pandemic. “Utilize your products and skills to make a difference. It is important to maintain a healthy environment.”

The global leader getting global heads turning with her work leaves readers with the message that could help budding entrepreneurs, “The leadership principles that I have discovered and implemented to contribute to my success include measurable achievements to reach the ultimate goal, respect, and processes for compliance.”

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