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Venugopal Bangalore Krishnappa, Head of Professional Services India & MEA at Equifax Analytics India Pvt. Ltd. shares about the grandeur of Technology and Lifestyle.

Bangalore, the IT capital of India has produced numerous IT professionals who have dominated the world for their shear supermacy in the area through unmatched skill in the subject and natural logical ability to manipulate coding. Mr. Venugopal Krishnappa is no exception when he heads the professional services for India and the Middle East at Equifax Analytics, India along with minding his own venture as the co-founder and director of Compliment Digital Solutions Pvt Ltd.

A technocrate, an entrepreneur, and a passionate leader, Venugopal has astutely utilized his over 25 years’ of leadership and entrepreneurial experience in providing IT consulting and solutions to banking, financial services, manufacturing, and retail domains. He has been a Globe Trotter who has played a vital role in digitalization initiatives at Ghana, Denmark, Norway and France. He has, very successfully, donned the roles of a transition head in China; a banking product implementor in Russia; a project director in Singapore; a program manager in Canada; an IT consultant in Fiji and a robotic process automation consultant and product development head in India.

An alumnus of Columbia Business School, New York and Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta, Venugopal has been a key speaker at almost all IIMs and other engineering and management institutes worldwide. His leadership articles are published in various chronicles & journals of high impact factor. He started his career in 1996 by providing IT solutions in earlier programming languages like JAVA, Foxpro, Dot Net, including but not limiting to data & machine learning languages and artificial intelligence. His quest for gaining knowledge reigns even today at the age of 47, making him study entrepreneurial edge and business analytics from London School of Economics.

In his new venture and business of online certification in technical and financial skills, Venugopal and his team have developed a platform to digitize the data which is likely, in all probabilities, to go live by March 2020. The thought for this new development came upon close observation of the IT industry when he saw a need to bridge the gap for the human resource and delivery teams, especially while assessing the candidates. This mismatch led him to develop a robust platform to digitize onboard process in order to fetch data accordingly.

Speaking about the business model, the team is replicating the concept that has already been successful in other countries and that is tweaking the technology to suit the requirement of untapped geographies in hope that their competitive edge is acquired gradually. The USP of the solution is reduced cost per use of the solution, which is a whopping 90 percent lower from other certification players. Moreover, the certification can be taken remotely, providing the ease of application to delivery time with no constraint of prometric centre. Although, they are in the nascent stage of the solution, they sure have the potential to be 10 million USD by 2022.

Venugopal shares his views that a start-up usually comes under strict compliances and the penalties for untimely submission is very high, forcing one to keep track of changing government regulations and IT policies. He adds that it would be good if the Government could conduct sessions and build an ecosystem to connect with entrepreneurs whereby challenges faced by them could be taken as their feedback for framing the new policies in the future.

Venugopal is passionate about latest technologies and is continuously upskilling his knowledge by going extra miles to keep himself abreast of technology and knowledge of various domains. It really has helped him to build solutions for his business without having to rely solely on other technicians, a trait that has helped him to be the leader in the eyes of his stakeholders. Moreover, these consistent skills upgradation has helped him to develop the solutions at 50% less cost. The man deserves quodos indeed for building a technology platform that is low on development costs.

Unlike other professionals, he has not restrained himself only to his workdesk but he is equally good in sports and other activites as well. He is an avid golfer and squasher and he loves equestrian sports equally besides being an expert in salsa and waltz. He believes in having a life style so gradeur that one dies to live that life.

As a socially responsible entrepreneur, he focuses on educating underprivileged children and helps them enable their skills. He is establishing the right path for management and engineering graduates globally.

Venugopal describes his Mission 2030 as – ‘To be the top 10 Entrepreneurs of India and to be in the Top 50 Entrepreneurs in the World’

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