Passion Vista Talks  is an organized speaking event held at the partner’s venue under a pre-decided theme of the overall session. The goal is to bring together a wide array of speakers, mentors, entrepreneurs, change makers, innovators, think tanks, etc. on to a single podium to spread their success stories with the audience. What makes Passion Vista Talks different? Unlike a generalized seminar, thematic areas for the session are decisively selected to cater a specific set of audience. Participating speakers are then aligned based upon their core expertise.

Structured slot wise presentations from the participants which can be aided through different delivery styles such as a simple talk, demonstration, a short skit, etc.   The crux of such presentation is to increase the knowledge of the audience as per the theme decided. Technical as well as non technical aspects can be discussed based upon the speaker’s discretion.

Passion Vista Talks sessions are made operational through the efforts of our volunteers assigned to every partnering institution and are unrelated to any commercial, religious or political connotations. The overall content layout and ideas are kept universal and unbiased.

How To Apply

Filling the application form and submitting a nominal administration fee is the first step of becoming our partner and getting your venue featured on our platform. The application form is available on our website and can also be requested through emailing any of our team member, payment process would be mentioned in the form itself. After we receive the application, internal evaluation team would process the due diligence in accordance with the ‘partnership type’ proposed on the form. Below is the step-by-step guide for becoming our valued associated organization,

Step 1: Filling and submitting the application form.

Step 2: Depositing administration charges.

Step 3: Sharing the necessary documents.

Step 4: Signing the partnership agreement with Passion Vista Talks parent company.

Step 5: Meeting the necessary financial obligations.

Step 6: Consolidating the annual agenda with the Passion Vista Talks team.

Step 7: Assigning team members.

Step 8: Sharing logo for co-branded marketing collaterals and merchandising.

Step 9: Hosting the event.