One Plus 6T Leaked

retail box shows OPPO R17-like features

Now that the OnePlus 6 is nearing its sixth month since launch, we should expect a minor update in the form of a OnePlus 6T soon.

As usual, leaks are bound to come up, and the latest one for the next OnePlus smartphone sees its retail box fully exposed.

In what seems like a legit copy, the outside confirms the 6T branding, while the inside shows off two features also found on the recently launched OPPO R17.

One is the tiny waterdrop-like notch on top of the display. It’s a lot smaller than what we’re used to and it’s something we appreciated as well on the OPPO F9.

The other is the in-display fingerprint scanner near the bottom. Again, this is a feature found on the R17, so it’s likely that the OnePlus 6T will follow suit.

Since OnePlus and OPPO are sister companies, they’ve shared signature features in the past; this instance further establishes that.

What will differentiate the OnePlus 6T from the OPPO R17 (and the Pro model) is the chipset used inside. It’s going to be the much faster Snapdragon 845, although that’s the same one found in the original OnePlus 6 because no newer flagship processor has launched in the past few months.

The OnePlus 5T was unveiled last November, so we could see this updated version arriving around the same time later this year.

Razer confirms its second-generation gaming phone

Gaming phones once felt like a niche product, but with the growing popularity of mobile games such as Mobile Legends and Fortnite, we can’t deny that there’s finally a place for high-powered smartphones with extra oomph for graphics and accessory support.

A lot of credit goes to Razer for launching its original gaming phone in 2017. The Razer Phone led the way for the budding platform and inspired multiple brands to create their own, such as what ASUS and Xiaomi have done.

To this day, the Razer Phone is remembered for introducing a fast 120Hz refresh rate to its display, powerful front-facing speakers, and long-lasting battery. Now, based on an earnings report for the first half of 2018, it’s looking like there’ll be a successor.

Razer claims that they’re “very pleased” with the success of the Razer Phone thanks to positive reviews and despite the limited quantity. It goes on to say that Razer is “focusing its resources into the development of the second-generation Razer Phone.”

It doesn’t get any more confirmed than that, but sadly, there’s no launch date or pricing just yet.

The original Razer Phone launched at relatively high price for its time, retailing for US$ 700, but the market has since gotten used to phones costing more than US$ 900. Whether Razer sticks to that price point or raises the bar once again is up in the air.

The first-gen gaming phone also came out last November, so it wouldn’t be far-fetched to see another November release this year. If so, it’ll likely settle for a Snapdragon 845 which is this year’s best chipset up till now.

With the likes of ASUS and Xiaomi upping the ante in terms of accessories, it’s also up to Razer to bring in something new to the playing field.

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