Ms. Nidhi Raina

People Transformation using AI.

Ms. Nidhi Raina is the CEO and Founder of  Quonscious Technologies. With over 20 years of experience in IT technology across Business Development, Sales and Consulting, she has worked with fortune 500 companies. An INSEAD alumnus she moved to people transformation and eventually an entrepreneur.She has won over 25 International Awards, including being named one of the ‘30 World-Changing Women in Conscious Business’, ‘Exceptional Women of Excellence, 2018’, ‘International Executive of the Year’, ‘Business Maverick of the Year’, ‘Product Innovation of the Year’, among many others.

Quonscious Technologies creates products and platforms to assist with the conscious evolution of humans and businesses. Their current product UPVRD aims at augmenting human intelligence using AI – supporting the accelerated growth of the youth, business professionals and entrepreneurs all over the world.

  1. Where did you find the courage, confidence, and motivation to decide to place an entrepreneur/business owner on your shoulders?

From the world around me. You know they say – You type ‘chocolate is good for you’ on google and it will give you enough searches why, and while you type ‘chocolate is bad for you’ and it will give you enough reasons why. We are guided towards what we are searching for. I sought courage, confidence, and motivation from the world around me and received it in ample abundance from the right people at the right time.

Being an Entrepreneurship is a privilege. To choose your ecosystem, build the right people around it is like taking a family to a picnic. It is exhilarating as it is exhausting. And yet, it is only a milestone on the road. Eventually, what will serve the purpose is the end goal.

  1. Do you see any discrimination for women entrepreneurs and if Yes, how do you tackle them?

In my opinion, People are sometimes stuck with their version of ‘being successful’, to an extent they don’t want to try anything else for the fear it crumbles. With the majority of the working world being men, yes, moststakeholders, organizational culture, fear of failure, are few parameters driving those biases and not theirmorals. Meanwhile, women can take up the challenge and grow through it or seek out other people to help them. Most people are willing to help others when asked.

  1. What is the key to true innovation, according to you?

True innovation comes from within,  and we create something that makes not only ours but also others’ lives better. When you are consumed by a purpose, accessing innovation becomes easier. You are wired to find a way to do it – and do it better. Once done, you can always make it available to the world.

  1. How do you simultaneously maximize your mission while maximizing profit?

There are undoubtedly no two opinions here. The mission is the key reason for the organization to exist and serve, while profits are a way to stay sustainable and independent while doing so.

Yes, if this prime understanding is lost, it can become quite a chore. Especially stakeholders work on the mission while the management works on the profits, ensuring the balance is instrumental diluting both eventually.

  1. Who was your mentor & the role he/she played in kick-starting your business?

I owe it to my entire ecosystem – my Guru, family, friends, managers, colleagues, acquaintances – everyone.

Their story motivated me to make it into a business, friends suggested the best ways to scale the intent and impact, colleagues suggested implementation, while a few acquaintances shared their experiences, and these inputs helped me embark even more determined.

  1. What do you highly recommend ‘beginners’ to learn and master before they venture as Entrepreneurs?

I would recommend ‘Master Yourself’.  Focus on your ethics, enthusiasm, passion, discipline, team skills, collaboration and problem-solving these are more important than your competencies – academic, technical, technological or in management.

Follow it by picking a purpose. What do you want to do with your time and life? What is worth spending time away from your family and friends?What will make the world better because you are in it? Align your plans with those.

Now find a way to make it work, either follow the supply or create the demand. Alternatively, picking an existing need and create a product in that space is also available. Or pick a local market deficit or a customer pain or delight factor.

  1. What was that one high point, you achieved and it was never looking back? How did you get there?

My pivoting point was realizing that in an attempt to succeed in the fast-paced, business consulting to fortune 100 companies, immense traveling, long hours – I was losing myself. I had allowed ‘success’  to define my career, aspirations, potential, dreams, life choices and shape my personality. Running on autopilot I wasn’t designing my life and its experiences, mostly responding or reacting to them, making me dependent on the environment.

Eventually, I decided to redesign my life, considering what mattered to me the most, and my desire to see people pursue their own life and career. This helped my business see measurable progressions in behavior, 100x business returns, people development, awards, and accolades.

  1. In your opinion as a Business Owner/Entrepreneur, How sacrosanct are business plans? When and how should we mould them?

I am in view that business plans follow a larger purpose and outcome, considering organizational values, brand, culture, ecosystem, and impact.

We must be vigilant and prepared to revamp deliberating ground realities. Allowing flexibility and innovation, within the gambit of the organizational mission comes a long way, in making business plans successful.

  1. What is the one thing you swear by to communicate with your audiences? Which media? How do you monitor it?

Social Media is currently the rage, and I believe in authenticity in campaigning with LinkedIn. Also, the good old school word of mouth and meetings face to face, have an edge to share the vision.

To me, authentic information with intent in vision is key and must be loud and affirmatively communicated.

  1. Your next brewing project would be? What’s the inspiration behind it?

Well, I am a believer in Alternative Living. I am working on a project creating more sustainable lifestyles, invigorating the customer experience with eco-friendly products. Eventually crafting life experiences, memories and supporting local produce.

It is inspiring to see leaders and celebs propagating the agenda, make us reflect, both externally and internally in choices, exemplify their values and inspire a better world.

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