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Mr. Yogesh Bhatia, Founder of Detel,, and Pre Loved device; a Consumer Durables Brand, an E-commerce portal for b2b business and Refurbished phones, shares his revolutionary story of carving a niche place in the electronics market.

Hailing from a business family in Karnal, YB, as he is fondly called, invariably desired to build electronic products that were accessible to every nook and corner of the country. Considering, the huge cost of investment, the rural areas of India were hesitant in purchasing exorbitantly priced brands in technology. Knowing that these are essentials in today’s paradigm, they were not affordable, also the rural people feared deceit, installation and service issues. By the virtue of being a small-town boy, Yogesh did some research and combining with his unique capability of connecting with the masses beautifully, he built his business plans and envisioned an affordable, yet technologically advanced consumer electronics brand.

After the professional experience of over 23 years in the distribution of mobiles, cameras, and FMCG besides other tech products, YB catapulted into the passion of making a difference to the society through a versatile product company. Conforming to his ideas, Detel – a tech company, was launched in 2017. Yogesh always believed in revolutionizing the consumer electronics segment, this accelerated his ideas to reality and within a short span of time, Detel had a varied range of radical consumer electronics and gadgets. As a brand, they were sought after for having the most economical feature phone and television in the world. This dynamic tech-brand also diversified into IT peripherals like Bluetooth speakers, power banks, car chargers, neckbands, and wireless earpods.

Today, Detel is amongst the top 100 SME’s in India and has been awarded and recognized by Mr. Nitin Gadkari, Honourable Minister of Transport, India. Besides this, there is a score of other awards conferred on the company. The brand has come a long way from launching a 17” television in 2017 to its latest 75” 4K smart TV in October 2019 at IMC, Aerocity.

In a world where people have a lot of choices, YB made one choice and that is to connect his products with the rural areas at unthinkable prices, after-sales service, and warranties in place. Like YB always says, the greatest legacy you can pass on to your children is not material things or money but rather a legacy of faith, character, and values.

With his vision to reach maximum consumers and with the ongoing digitalization wave in India, Mr. Bhatia launched, The heterogeneous mix includes technology and consumer durables right from Mobile & Tablets, IT Products, Small and Large Appliances, Complete Electronic Product Range as well as refurbished devices, with an aim to organize this huge unorganized sector. You can find it all under this one-stop e-commerce

Preloved Device, was launched with an objective to not only provide smartphones at a very economical price to the masses but also play an important role in reducing e-waste. These refurbished phones are as good as new and go through 55 vigorous checks before being offered to the customers. This is the need of the hour, being pro-environment.

With a strong vision to carry on the legacy of his family business of dry fruits and superfoods, YB is launching his new initiative ‘Detel’s Natural and Pure’ very soon. Yogesh shares, that since health and fitness are of primary importance in today’s world, we feel we plan to launch food products that are nutritionally rich pan India. Through this new forum, YB wishes to make a difference to the society at large.

Realizing the importance of being socially active and conscious, Detel has its own Foundation, The Detel Foundation which is headed by Mrs. Gitika Bhatia and is focussed on making a positive impact in the field of education besides taking a number of steps for a greener India. It has also launched many successful campaigns like #greenindiainitiative wherein seed packets are distributed with every smartphone card sold. In fact as a company mission #detelsaysnotoplastics – an initiative to discourage the use of single-use plastic.

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