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Mr. Wisdom King Adukpo, A Young African, a visionary leader, a creative entrepreneur, and an advocate of global investments.

For several years, Mr. Wisdom King Adukpo has been an advocate of youth employment in his country,
Ghana. Fuelled by his passion to create sustainable job opportunities for young entrepreneurs and his
commitment towards driving foreign direct investment into Africa, Mr. King hosted an advantage seminar in September 2019 for the Africa Trade and Investment Global Services (ATIGS). ATIGS is a prestigious, biennial business platform, designed specifically to promote and facilitate international trade and foreign direct investments in Africa. The chairperson of ATIGS congratulated the innumerable efforts of Mr. Wisdom King Adukpo, to make Ghana the first country in Africa to have an ATIGS subsidiary to enjoy the full benefits of the ATIGS network. That in itself is a mean feat.

Mr. Wisdom King Adukpo is a seasoned businessman with contemporary insight for leadership, operational transformation and development, people management, and cultural mentorship; having a strong leading voice in the market world. With Mr. Adukpo’s expertise in business management, he proudly serves as President of Tiwala Group, comprised of Tiwala Markt Company Limited, Crypton Ville, Godtel Ltd., Tiwala Homes, International Entrepreneurs Linkup (IEL) and TM2M Empire.

Currently, Mr. Adukpo serves as the Ambassador General of Higher Impact Club (HIC); Gospel Pillars
Ministry, Accra – Ghana. Mr. Adukpo also works as the Country Representative/West African Program Coordinator and Official Partner for the African Trade and Investment Global Summit (ATIGS).

Mr. Adukpo has built strong business partnerships with world-class suppliers and buyers, with a global influence. He is a visionary leader, a creative entrepreneur, and an overall dynamic individual. His ideas are ubiquitously welcomed with all manners of enthusiasm by industry players; this is evidenced by the alacrity to which he delivers his work.

Mr. Adukpo has built strong business partnerships with world-class suppliers and buyers, with a global influence. He is a visionary leader, a creative entrepreneur, and an overall dynamic individual. His ideas are ubiquitously welcomed with all manners of enthusiasm by industry players; this is evidenced by the alacrity to which he delivers his work.

He believes Africa has a vast amount of untapped potential which has the ability to improve our economy. He is passionate about teaching entrepreneurs, biblical principles and how to effectively apply those principles to the marketplace in an effort to not only build highly profitable businesses but also to influence the world and impact lives which will ultimately change cultures.

Mr. Adukpo’s mission is to create a platform in Africa for aspiring leaders to explore the routes to their
aspirations while causing a dynamic change in Africa for upcoming entrepreneurs and leaders to best suit the current needs of our world. As part of his commitment to rebranding, the negative image of Africa has tasked the Ghana Chamber of Content Producers to produce a series of documentaries on investing in Africa.

Mr. Adupko plans to take a leap forward to grow from an events company into a diversified group of
companies under a holding company structure, by keeping a close watch on changing market trends to
identify new growth engines to evolves in a sustained manner through structured partnerships and planned targeted acquisitions as part of our group Africa expansion strategy. To achieve dynamic growth
and regional expansion and also planning to focus our resources on businesses of strategic importance in
addition to creating and ensuring the employment of the youth across African states.

Driven by the desire to support the development of emerging economies in Africa, Mr. Adupko’s aim
is to constantly seek and increase development in Africa, and he is committed to Afridevelopism economic initiative of ATIGS, as he believes this will give us Africans as a collective group, a strong competitive edge We wish Mr. Wisdom King Adupko, to continue to take great leaps forward.

Here are a few excerpts from our interview with Mr. Wisdom King:

PV: How did it all begin? What was the idea behind it? Could you please share the idea behind it?

Mr. Adupko: The idea behind ‘Tiwala’ was to surf for quality commodities from all over the world for the local market whiles creating employment for the youth of Ghana. ‘Tiwala’ means trust in Filipino and ‘markt’ is market for Dutch; hence our business name Tiwala Markt Company Limited. The idea is to put in place strategic business models that aim at building trust for our products in the market.

PV: How has been your growth story? Please share about your reach in Year 1 of establishment versus now.

Mr. Adupko: It was very challenging in the first year of our establishment. We had however created a niche for the products even before we did our first importation, as such we already had a dedicated market craving for the products. Our approach has always worked and it is still helping us even now that
we are expanding into other markets across Africa.

PV: How do you pitch yourself among your major competitors? What according to you USP(Unique Selling Proposition)?

Mr. Adupko: The commodity trading industry in Ghana is a saturated one with several new entrants
each day. The status of the industry makes it a bit difficult to identify major competitors. There
are several big brands for commodities like rice and also importers in Ghana like Lele, Sultana, etc. The
unique selling Proposition of Tiwala rice is our direct involvement with our final consumers through strategic marketing arrangements with our wholesalers. One other unique proposition that always gives an added advantage to Tiwala above the competitions is our strategic partnerships with several media outlets who regularly propagate the Tiwala successes.

PV: Are there any Government Policies that affect your Industry? Are they in favor of or need change?

Mr. Adukpo: Some government policies that affect our business is the tax regimes and high import duties. The government of Ghana has developed a Trade policy to reduce importation and increase export. Two parallel strategies that the government is pursuing are one Export-led industrialization strategy and two Domestic Market-led industrialization strategies based on import competition.

This puts direct pressure on importers who are in the business of agriculture produce market. We believe the government should involve commodity traders in the drafting of such policies so that our concerns should be factored in creating a balanced import and export market. The policies around demurrage also affect a lot of importers.

PV: Mr. Wisdom, what was the turning point for growth in your business/strategy?

Mr. Adupko: They say your network is your net worth, the noticeable turning point in my business was
my partnership with certain trade associations. One major trade association that skyrocketed my networks to global prominence was the Africa Trade and Investment Global Services. Such associations exposed my business to new partners and an expanded market.

PV: What has been your greatest failure? And what did you learn from it?

Mr. Adupko: My greatest failure is what I have now termed “trust without proper verification”. Based on trust, when autonomy is given to others , their actions landed me in serious debts with my suppliers; making me paying debts for several months. It taught me a serious lesson of verifying the people I work
with before entrusting them with major responsibilities. I also learnt more prudent ways of financial clearance in my business.

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