Mr. Sumit Doseja


Mr. Sumit Doseja, CEO of SAI Group shares about his effortless amalgamation of Business Strategy, Change Management & Shop Floor Management.

Mr. Sumit Doseja, a Delhi based seasoned professional, a qualified dual Master’s degree from reputed universities of IIM Ahmedabad and IMT Ghaziabad along with the Engineering qualification. He is abundant with energy, passion & commitment to facilitate positive & enduring change as one of the youngest & vibrant leaders with Global Vision in the Automobile Industry.

With expertise in Japanese Auto manufacturing systems & techniques, Mr. Sumit is popular for his out-of-thebox solutions. He holds a high reputation for his market insights on leadership perspectives & practices through over two decades.

Mr. Doseja has served as COO, at Minda Corporation Limited, the flagship company of the Sai Group, handling seven manufacturing units, four in India (Noida, Pune, Aurangabad, and Pantnagar) and one each in Indonesia and Vietnam. With over 24 years of expertise in production, projects and cross-continental operations, Mr. Doseja was instrumental in setting up a greenfield project in Pantnagar, India, which is considered as a benchmark for other automobiles production units.

He was primarily responsible for initiating business from scratch to Rs.300 Cr. (within a short span of 5 years) for Bajaj Auto Limited & After Market (a greenfield project). He ran a very difficult role as a Director accountable for all the functions existing in the Organization from Engineering, Business Development, Quality, Supply Chain & Logistics, to HR & P&A, Manufacturing Engineering, Operations, Finance, and IT…phew, we must say a man who donned many hats.

Mr. Doseja is currently the CEO of SAI Group. SAI Group has three specialized auto-parts manufacturing & trading units- Shree Amba Industries Manufacturing Plastic Body parts, Die casting parts, Head Lights for After Market under SAI Umbrella Brand. Sai Headlights Unit is the manufacturing and retail of Helmets, Auto-Accessories, and Gears under brand name Aerostar and Replay in India and Global Markets. Sai Die-casting Unit is a trading Unit for all Spares Parts under SAI, FOG and Maars brands in Domestic and Global Markets.

Mr. Doseja plays an instrumental role in business strategy, change management, and shop floor management. His focus is significantly on initiating and implementing the recognized ‘Toyota Production Systems’ to enhance effectiveness in the Indian automotive manufacturing world.

He also demonstrates Customer focus with excellent service skills, demonstrated the ability to manage technical aspects, a self-starter and tailor-made customer solutions. He is an articulate communicator who can fluently speak the languages of both people and technology, blending technical expertise with exceptional interpersonal skills while interacting effectively with key stakeholder’s across corporate and shopfloor levels.

Mrs. Nitya Doseja is a decorated professional teacher and a social worker, she keeps Mr. Doseja busy apart from the auto business, to contribute towards the upliftment of the society, through various projects including but not limited to “Chak De” (an initiative to eradicate the usage of plastic bags), providing blankets to the poor & needy, facilitating medication & education to the needy through Vanvasi Chatravaas, Vivekananda Swadhyay Mandal, Vridhashram and continued efforts towards humanity.

He also serves as the Chairman – Kumaon Zone of Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), Uttarakhand State Council, formed for the welfare of the industries in the State. Mr. Doseja has the vision to be the role model for Indians worldwide by building Aerostar and Replay Helmet brands as leaders of the Global Markets and also capture the export market by quadruple the groups’ market share from 5% and be the coveted number 2 worldwide.

Mr. Sumit Doseja, Signs off ‘Be a Change Agent to make an Aware Society to build Green, Safe World and facilitate the Youth to get engaged with Nature’.

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