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Jenn Drakes 1 Passion Vista Magazine

Q1. You are a life & business coach, podcast host, author and speaker. The invisible thread in many of your presentations focuses on how to get more from life. So really, how can one get more from life? Getting more from life is personalized to depend upon what you, yourself, want from life.  It’s...

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Vibha Thusu WL 2023 Passion Vista Magazine

Global Leader in Marketing & Communication The charismatic Vibha Thusu ‘connected the dots’ to emerge as a Global Leader in Marketing & Communications.  Born in Jammu (India) and raised across many states like Ladakh, Kashmir, Punjab and Delhi as her father worked with a public bank evoked a wanderlust in Vibha. An only child,...

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Vandana Sharmal WL 2023 Passion Vista Magazine

A spiritual being of divine intelligence, love & power - Meet The Time Herself. “The spiritual journey is the unlearning of fear and the acceptance of God’s love’’, says Vandana Sharma, founder of Sekhem Healing Centre Pvt. Ltd. Vandana is known as a spiritual being of divine intelligence, love & power and with such divinity,...

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Theresa Cornwell WL 2023 Passion Vista Magazine

Financial Coach to Help People Become Millionaires Theresa Cornwell, 34, was in her mid-twenties when she first felt a troublesome inkling of not following her calling in life. By all standards, she was a success story - she graduated from a top university in the United States and was flourishing financially amid a thriving...

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