Aisha Saintiche

A Standout and Ceaseless Leadership Coach

“Never wait for anyone to queue you into your greatness” is one of the most significant lessons Aisha Saintiche believes she can impart to someone.

For many years, Aisha believed that her personal and professional life and her purpose and ability to perform were based on other people’s perceptions of her and that their recognition held greater value than her own. Through her personal challenges and triumphs, she came to the realisation that it has always been her choice and path and power to determine and not anyone else’s.

Initially,  the creation of ‘Me to Moi Health’ was to work with women who sought empowerment and were ready to make themselves and their lives a priority. While that remains deeply rooted in the foundation of her work, ‘Me to Moi Health’ has organically and beautifully become so much more than a one-to-one coaching business. It is a mindset, a vibe, an affirmation curated through thoughtful and impactful keynotes, workshops, facilitated sessions, women’s circles and one-to-one interactions set to transform people into both the desired and elevated selves.

Self-doubt, like many, has played a part in some of the challenges she faced in her life. Her successes are greatly attributed to the endless support of her family and friends and her own belief that she possesses both the capacity and ability to succeed as a driving force in the coaching space. Aisha is a strong advocate of hard work and doesn’t believe much in luck. For her, things happen eventually when it’s time for things to happen. She adds “ While it is easy to look from the outside and say that some people seem “lucky” for all the great things that happen to them, the truth is there have probably been many challenges that they have seized and turned into opportunity through hard work and commitment.”

Aisha is driven by her ability to support someone to step into their power. To actively participate in the personal journey of someone becoming self-aware through self-discovery, self-actualization and self-love is what defines her passion.

An interesting take about the rat race that comes from Aisha Saintiche is that even though she believes that she is tigerish in nature, the rat race acts as great motivation for her. The hustle and ability to do better than she already has is something that helps her reach her highest level and provides her instinct to do better, try harder, dig deeper and explore whilst moving forward no matter failure or success. “The truth is what the result has been, affirms the importance of having an “I can” and “I will” mentality.”

Inspiration strikes Aisha through her kids, her partner, her family and friends and the ‘attempted’ limitations that the World sometimes seeks to place on Black women act as an immense source of inspiration as well. She believes she may sound cliche while expressing that her desire is that every single person, especially her melanated sisters see themselves as powerful and purposeful beings who do not need validation from a system or structure that is unable to handle their greatness.

Despite her numerous personal and professional achievements, Aisha believes that becoming a published author is the cherry on the cake. She is a leadership coach for the Canadian Olympic Committee and claims that completing her Master’s in Public Policy, Administration and Law while she was pregnant has been an immense achievement which also required complete support from her partner.

True leadership is recognizing that a person’s title is not the determination of impact and influence. Their willingness to impart passion, power and insight into elevating others to be the greatest version of themselves is where leadership lies for Aisha, which in turn means that people should seek to create more leaders no matter how nice it is to have followers.

“If there is anything I can reinforce is not waiting for anyone to queue you into your greatness, cause here is what is fact. The person whose opinion you may be seeking may be assessing you at a level that is actually not your maximum but your minimum.”

Aisha Saintiche evaluates that the journey to greatness is never easy, nor linear, but rest assured even those things that people deem as “failures” remain an opportunity to learn and grow. “A very wise woman once said to me – Remember you are never starting from scratch but starting from experience.”

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